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    Public lighting revitalized in Ciego de Ávila

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    Public lighting revitalized in Ciego de Ávila

    Public lighting revitalized in Ciego de Ávila

    The inventiveness and effort of workers from the Electric Company in Ciego de Ávila made possible the search for alternatives to revitalize public lighting, actions that are among those with the greatest impact for innovators in this sector.

    Kaled Cruz Cobo, technical director of this entity in the province, recognized the deterioration of this service, while explaining that they have not carried out maintenance for more than four years due to lack of resources.

    To address the shortcomings, they put together groups of energy-saving light bulbs (called bouquets) to install them in the existing lamps, and although the effect does not reach the intensity of the original light bulb (sodium vapor), it achieves a level of lighting that helps circulation through the streets.

    The inventiveness benefits all the municipalities, with a greater impact in the provincial capital; they have installed more than 200 lamps in avenues such as Las Palmas, Morón Highway Link, Airport Avenue and Central Highway (West).

    They were also replaced in the Avenida de los Deportes and extension of Bembeta, places where the lighting was deficient.With this proposal from the electrical workers in Ciego de Ávila, it is possible to solve a group of approaches with the placement of 36 lamps.