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    Humedal Grande Park promotes economic, social and environmental development

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    Favorece Parque Humedal Grande desarrollo económico, social y ambiental

    The conclusion of the first stage of the local development project (PDL) Humedal Grande Park-Laguna de La Leche, in the municipality of Morón, will favor the tourism sector in the province of Ciego de Ávila by incorporating other offers to the sun and beach that takes place in Jardines del Rey.

    Yuney Hamedh Cruz Antigua, manager of that PDL, declared that negotiations are being established with the Ecotur travel agency to organize excursions that allow the appreciation of historical and cultural traditions in the so-called Identity Circuit, which includes an aboriginal village, maroon hut, a quimbo Haitian and a peasant batey.

    The areas destined for the observation of the Melipona bee, the orchid trail, an aquarium, gastronomic facilities where Creole food will be offered and the Portal of Dreams, an amphitheater where environmental education activities and cultural shows will be carried out, are ready, he specified.

    The 19 workers are immersed in the conservation activity, given the impossibility of advancing in constructive actions due to the lack of material resources and the epidemiological complexities, circumstances that vary the planning of the project, he explained.

    The larger-scale forestry work has already been completed; however, the contract is maintained with a brigade from the Ignacio Agramonte Credit and Services Cooperative to carry out cleaning in the forested areas, on a monthly basis.

    Favorece Parque Humedal Grande desarrollo económico, social y ambiental

    Likewise, progress was made in reforestation, including the planting of endemic plants from the central region of the country, and the elimination of exotic species, in a responsible manner, considering that some of these trees will allow clients to protect themselves from solar radiation during the tours, he detailed.

    This PDL will favor the interaction between the institutions and the population, by constituting a space for attracting the public, where everyone will be able to express their potential and contribute to the transformation of the El Embarcadero community, close to the Park and identified in the sociopolitical map of the province, he added.

    Activities carried out by the municipal directorates of Culture, the headquarters of the Nicolás Guillén Foundation and the artistic group of the Yambambó Sociocultural Project will achieve greater participation and social impact, considering that they are carried out in small places, he explained.

    Cruz Antigua stressed that they are linked to the municipal representations of the University, the National Institute of Sports, Physical Culture and Recreation, and the Primary Health Care system to care for the elderly, with the purpose of increasing their quality of life.


    He assured that there is a good interaction with the authorities and residents of the surrounding communities, in addition to recognition for the contribution of the PDL to the improvement of conditions in schools and family doctor's offices.

    Favorece Parque Humedal Grande desarrollo económico, social y ambiental

    In addition, in the 10.56 hectares of the Park, the acts against wild flora and fauna decrease, fundamentally illegal logging and poaching of birds, because of the systematic surveillance of the area and educational actions aimed at raising awareness among the local population with the care of the environment.

    This PDL is executed at a time when it is necessary to search for options to revitalize the leisure industry, particularly specialized tourism modalities, based on the existing potential in the country to provide competitive and quality goods and services.

    As part of the actions, the improvement of the conditions of the water resources of Laguna de La Leche, the largest natural freshwater lake in Cuba, with a total surface area of ​​67.2 square kilometers and a length of 14 kilometers, is also planned.

    The Humedal Grande Park is located in the Gran Humedal in the North of Ciego de Ávila, a gigantic ecosystem with an area of ​​226,875 hectares, considered the second largest of its kind in Cuba, after the Ciénaga de Zapata, in the province of Matanzas; and declared a Ramsar Site since 2002 for its natural values ​​and international importance.