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    Morón Undertakes: the initial whistle for a business culture

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    Morón Undertakes

    Morón Undertakes

    Since last Monday, when the Morón Undertakes expo-fair was being organized on the upper floors of the Haydée Santamaría Cuadrado culture house, Yunet Pérez Pérez, co-owner of Delavida, a project dedicated to the artisanal production of soaps, advised one thing: “we have to start thinking on collaborations".

    She was assisted by the experience of having participated in ExpoCam 2022 and in the Business and Opportunities Round of Ciego de Ávila. “We have to think that, maybe, I can hire the honey that is grown in the Humedal Grande Park, or the medicinal plants that are available; and this fair is the best opportunity to make clear all our intentions to link up and collaborate”.

    Morón Undertakes the initial whistle for a business culture

    D' Morón Theater accompanied the public from the entrance

    On Saturday,the House of Culture, although it was not the most suitable institution, for not having an equivalent space for each exhibitor, opened its doors to 15 economic actors of the territory, of all modalities.

    The first observation is that 15 is not enough, in a municipality that on the same date last year had 2,788 patents for self-employed workers (TCP). Then, not in all cases, there was a marked intention to make alliances, let us say that there were those who went just to exhibit their products, without taking advantage of the day as it was for the rest: a business round.

    Morón Undertakes the initial whistle for a business culture

    The Family, a silent but colorful stand

    Some of the most prominent projects in Morón did come to show off their finery: Delavida, El Pino Atrevido restaurant (the first MSME run by a woman in the city) and the Humedal Grande Park (local development project (PDL) of the Flora and Fauna Company).

    For Idilexis Morales Fajardo, owner of El Pino Atrevido, the event was very well organized. Moreover, it was "good that the Government had this idea, because it is a form of interaction between the economic actors of Morón so that together we can achieve many things in the municipality. It has also helped us get to know each other and be able to help each other”.

    Not only among entrepreneurs. The fair also became a "society presentation" for many projects facing strategic sectors, such as Tourism, thanks to the participation of several hotel managers and corporations such as Cubanacán.

    For Idarmis Night Soto, Doctor of Legal Sciences and member of the organizing committee, it was an opportunity for the public—quite interested and leaning out of the windows—to learn about other proposals to satisfy such basic needs as hygiene and personal care. In addition, savoring the Mexican food of the young restaurant La Catrina, with a menu of tacos to take away at a good price and better invoice.

    In this First Fair of Economic Actors, the largest representation was in the food producers, with the participation of El Pino Atrevido, La Catrina and La Rueda restaurants, The Family Candy Store, La Suprema Charcuterie, Las Margaritas Cheese Factory (from Ciro Redondo), and the local development project La Trocha-Ceballos (through its point of sale in the city).

    New entrepreneurs joined, such as the Laredo's Constructions MSMCs (a brigade that has architects) or Inspíra (TCP, design and photography). Others not so new, such as the Servtes of the automatic engineer Alberto Gómez Abreu. From the municipality of Ciego de Ávila the printing services of Avilarte. The social projects Humedal Grande and Yambambó Park, animated by the folk group Famn Zetwal, also exhibited their works. Moreover, the Transport Information Services Company was the only one in that sector that exhibited its work.

    Morón Undertakes the initial whistle for a business culture

    Delavida caught attention, due to the extensive gala of products that were presented.

    The mayor of the city, Yorqui Navarro Pérez, assured that the objectives of the fair were fulfilled: the exchange and search for the best experiences between the different economic actors and the creation of links with state companies.

    In the final words, after acknowledging the participation of all the exhibitors in this first non-competitive fair, he referred to the need to shorten paths in the hiring of entrepreneurs by the state sector. Besides, he emphasized the willingness of the local government to receive more projects in the PDL modality, and that Morón be the final container of all the development established together.