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    With inexhaustible national love and creative impulse: Let's go with everything!

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    Con inagotable amor patrio e impulso creador: ¡Vamos con todo!

    We don't say it, history says it: when the Cuban people, using their will and strength, undertake a goal, they don't give up until they achieve it.

    As the heart is the engine that drives us, and love for this Cuban land fuels our strength and ignites the creativity and talent necessary to build our dreams, the obstacle capable of stopping the avalanche that triggers the Unit.

    That is why the unbelievers can believe it, the malicious can save their pessimistic assessments, and those paid from the north pick up their circus to put on the play of the end of the Revolution; If we say that “we are going with everything”, it is because we certainly have the fullest conviction to do so.

    There are plenty of reasons for us, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Party and President of the Republic, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, defined them well on his Twitter account: "If it is about Cuba, its well-being, its fight for life, of his future and that of all his children, we go with everything ».

    Moreover, yes, in front, impetuous, firm in their ideals, capable and dignified, is the youth. The success of this phrase that was born from those new generations, and that we now coin as a country, with the irreversible disposition to stand up to adverse times, to hate enemy that stalks us, to the pandemic scars.

    Our wall opens to the heart of the friend, whom with sincere solidarity is ready to help. It closes those who, in a hypocritical way, cry out SOS Cuba, with the dagger held high to plunge it into the back of those of us who embrace the determination to move forward, to create, to win.

    We have immense challenges before our eyes, but none surpasses us. The path traveled up to here taught us that the stars cannot be climbed on flat roads, and that our sun has spots, but an immense and overwhelming light that warmly envelops the daily life of this heroic Island.

    Absurd media campaigns and gross manipulations of the reality we live in are not enough to discourage this people. All these efforts smell of failure from afar, because the people build their decisions on the basis of lived history, of what they never renounce out of conviction, and we have both things to spare.

    We go with everything, yes, and we go together, because that is our greatest strength. Those who expect to see us detained and tired may end up just like that, because that, in the homeland of Martí, Fidel, Raúl, in the land of intrepid and worthy rebels, is simply impossible.