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    Social communication is promoted in Cuban aqueduct and sanitation companies

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    Potencian la comunicación social en empresas cubanas de acueducto y saneamiento

    The commitment of the Superior Organization of Business Management (OSDE) Water and Sanitation with the development of communication practices that benefit its entities and public throughout the country is made clear from the province of Ciego de Ávila, site of the first institutional communication workshop of that organism.

    Gisell Burgos Viacaba, head of this activity at the OSDE, pointed out that specialists in the field are trained in all national companies for the efficient use of social networks, relations with the media, attention to the population and the community communication, which will allow promoting social communication as a tool for achieving work objectives.

    For this purpose, conferences are given related to communication activity management systems, the strategic functions of this task in the business field and its relevance in times of crisis, the development of business-mass media links, electronic government and the visual component in government communication, she specified.

    Foto 2 Taller Nacional de Comunicación Empresarial para el Agua y Saneamiento en Cuba 2

    Accompanied by specialists from the Cuban Association of Social Communicators and the Department of Information and Social Communication of the Provincial Government of People's Power, the representatives of the more than thirty national entities subordinated to the OSDE Water and Sanitation also share experiences and knowledge to improve their performance.

    In line with the policies established in the country, in recent years the organization has promoted communicative work through the creation of structures and human and material capacities throughout the business system, she stressed.

    Insertion in the process of computerization of Cuban society makes work on social networks viable, fundamentally on Facebook and Twitter, with the purpose of achieving greater reach and visibility of publications aimed at enhancing the institutional image and favoring changes in the public perception of aqueduct and sanitation services.

    Potencian la comunicación social en empresas cubanas de acueducto y saneamiento

    He referred to the social networks, the media, the Government's digital platforms, population assistance offices and the participation in accountability assemblies of the delegates to their constituents as the main ways to exchange with the people, for the sake of to know their criteria on benefits and address problems.

    Communication at OSDE Aqueduct and Sanitation, and its dependencies in the country, is also aimed at showing the efforts of workers to guarantee access to aqueduct and sanitation services, despite the lack of resources because of the economy crisis and the tightening of the US blockade against Cuba, she explained.

    Potencian la comunicación social en empresas cubanas de acueducto y saneamiento

    Its mission is to highlight actions that contribute to compliance with the State Plan for Confronting Climate Change (Life Task) and the implementation of public policies aimed at improving the quality of life, essentially the solution to problems in neighborhoods and communities in vulnerable conditions, she added.

    Burgos Viacaba highlighted the constitution of a small state company that carries out repairs inside citadels of the country's capital, specifically in the municipality of Centro Habana, where favorable criteria of the population are appreciated based on the transformations.

    To disseminate the results of these and other major tasks, adequate planning is required to ensure budget allocation to generate attractive content with marked intentionality through the different media outlets, emphasized Glenda Turro Espinosa, principal specialist in Institutional Communication at the aforementioned OSDE.

     Potencian la comunicación social en empresas cubanas de acueducto y saneamiento

    Potencian la comunicación social en empresas cubanas de acueducto y saneamiento