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    Perception is not a still photo

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    La percepción no es foto fija

    Almost faster than the shutter of the camera, that is intruding its zoom in the city, the panorama of COVID-19 in Ciego de Ávila has been revealed. A flash and it shows one thing, another flash and it shows the same thing: the lack of perception is a fixed photo and not even all the bursts we have had have served to repair the sad album that some carry in their memory.

    Nevertheless, the majority, it seems, has forgotten the deaths and infections, and inadvertently poses for the sad image that we continue to show: an amnesiac city, a province that continues to flirt with the virus that has made it climb steep slopes and descend to worrying levels of impunity and apathy.

    Moreover, although living together, adapting, was the option that fell by the wayside, many of us have paid a high price for this theory of survival. Those of us who have survived have done so thanks to vaccines, reinforcements and self-care, but "thanks" also to fear, the deaths of others and the aftermath where we look at ourselves.

    There has also been the consent of those who judge concentration outdoors with a different (and cloudy) lens than the one used, for example, inside a store: still two by two, or four by four.

    However, precisely because of these contradictory snapshots of the same city, we must be extremely fearful and careful. That Cuba has relativized its measures for entering the country forces us to be more cautious. It seems like a paradox, but it is not.

    La percepción no es foto fija

    Unprotected child batting "for free"


    When did we say that being reinforced even makes us immune?

    La percepción no es foto fija

    With so many benches in the park and you have to be close and eat food