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    The parade will return this May 1st to Ciego de Ávila

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    Volverá el desfile este Primero de Mayo a Ciego de Ávila

    More than 200,000 Ciego de Ávila citizens will participate in the parades for May 1st, International Workers' Day, and will confirm that Cuba also lives and works in the 10 municipalities of the province, after two years of celebrating the event virtually due to the effects of COVID-19.

    "Together with our workers will be, as is traditional, their families, as part of the population and demonstration of the unity of the people with the Party and the Revolution," Niurka Ferrer Castillo, general secretary of the Central of Workers of Cuba (CTC) in the territory, said.

    Ferrer Castillo reported that the march would begin in the provincial capital with members of the Health Workers Union, in recognition of the outstanding work of doctors, nurses, technologists and other workers in the sector in confronting the pandemic.

    The union leader stressed that, since the call announced on March 20, various actions have been carried out, including voluntary and productive work to support the planting of cane and food production.

    The recognition of combatants from Playa Girón on the 61st anniversary of this epic is scheduled for next April 19, a day in which there will also be a meeting of veterans and former union leaders.

    Young workers, trade union leaders and labor groups from Ciego de Ávila will receive the United those who love and found plaque, which will recognize those with relevant results in production, services, science and teaching, Yunier Espinosa Reyes, member of the Provincial Secretariat of the CTC that attends to the tasks of Labor and Social Affairs, alleged.

    Dailyn Sordo Peláez, general secretary of the Provincial Committee of the National Union of Health Workers, highlighted the commitment of the workers to continue on the front line of the fight, where necessary, and to continue saving lives, both those who work in the province and 1,000 Ciego de Ávila collaborators abroad.

    Likewise, Eudis Tapia Fernández, general secretary of the Provincial Committee of the National Union of Agricultural, Forestry and Tobacco Workers, specified that among the productive greetings to the anniversary, workers from the La Cuba Agricultural Company would conclude the work on 40 hectares of drip irrigation of the 500 that are planned for 2022.