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    In phase of completion self-help book by Fernando Díaz Martínez

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    En fase de terminación libro de autoayuda de Fernando Díaz Martínez

    With the text "The kingdom of solitude, a company book", Ciego de Ávila writer Fernando Díaz Martínez is working intensely on the last details of his most recent publishing novelty, commissioned by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    The new self-help book focuses its attention on the issue of unwanted loneliness, a malaise aggravated by the effects of the global crisis caused by Covid-19.

    Commissioned by the WHO, Fernando Díaz Martínez processes experiences and life stories of victims of this scourge who have attempted against their lives.

    "The kingdom of solitude, a companion book" includes the criteria and valuable advice from psychologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians and management specialists to constructively face such episodes.

    According to its author, Fernando Díaz Martínez, the issue of unwanted loneliness is worked on at all stages of life, with emphasis on adolescence as the most vulnerable age group.

    The new self-help book extensively expands on the 46 types of unwanted loneliness, while weighing healthy alternatives to cope with pain.