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    Strings and Voices from the Plain is recognized on their 12 anniversary

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    Reconocen a Cuerdas y Voces del Llano en su duodécimo aniversario

    With the delivery of the Raúl Gómez García distinction to Gualberto Domínguez Pérez and a recognition from Musicávila to the quintet Strings and Voices from the Plain, the 12 anniversary of the popular peasant group from Ciego de Ávila was celebrated this Saturday at the "María, la matancera" event.

    More than a dozen improvisers from this central province joined their voices in a poetic round, in which there was no lack of tunes, décima and repentismo in their most dissimilar styles and forms of interpretation.

    The Strings and Voices from the Plain entertainment was joined by representatives of the Guayacanes, Los Hoyos and Las Vueltas parrandas, of the Performing Arts: the Zamá Dance Company and the comedian duo Los Fonoaritméticos, as well as Mexican music, represented by Eliber, el charro del pueblo.

    The closing of the 12 anniversary of the Strings and Voices from the Plain quintet was with the group itself, whose director Gualberto Domínguez Pérez, the Mockingbird of Carrillo, shared verses and spinels with other improvisers from Ciego de Ávila.

    The general direction of the show was Luis Alberto Venegas Carmenate, representative of the Strings and Voices from the Plain quintet, while Jorge Estenoz carried out the script and artistic direction.