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    State MSME rehabilitates hydraulic and sanitary networks in citadels of the capital

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    Mipyme estatal rehabilita redes hidráulicas y sanitarias en ciudadelas de la capital

    The constitution in Havana of the Comprehensive Sanitation and Rehabilitation Services Company (ServiVIP), the first private entity (MSME) of its kind in the country, expresses the will to improve the quality of water and sewage services.

    In a recent visit to Ciego de Ávila, Cosset Torres Tondike, first vice president of the Superior Organization of Business Management (OSDE) Water and Sanitation, stressed that this entity has benefited more than 60 families living in citadels of the municipality of Centro Habana, with the substitutions of sewer networks.

    He stressed that the 61 workers of that company complement the efforts of Drinkin Water Company from Havana by replacing hydraulic and sanitary networks inside buildings.

    The activities of Aqueduct and Sewerage do not exceed the property limits, however, ServiVIP is empowered to provide rehabilitation and maintenance services to the hydraulic infrastructure inside buildings, homes, citadels and vulnerable communities, he specified.

    Complete installations are carried out that facilitate access to drinking water and the evacuation of waste, as well as responding to proposals from voters related to the poor condition of the hydraulic and sanitary networks, which improves the quality of life and promotes safety and trust in business management, he said.

    ServiVIP's corporate purpose includes the development of programs with a social focus, through actions that directly benefit citizens and communities; and the response to demands for installation, maintenance and sustainability services for pumping equipment, electrical systems and recirculation in swimming pools.

    Abel Elpidio Salas García, president of the aforementioned OSDE, emphasized that this entity, established at the end of 2021, maintains a high level of activity in Havana, based on repeated requests to meet the needs of the population.

    With the capacity to build 200 works per year, to date it has executed 16 that achieve social impact and promote the recognition of the population, fundamentally residents of neighborhoods and communities in conditions of vulnerability, he underlined.

    The mission of this state MSME pays tribute to the fulfillment of the global objectives for sustainable development, in particular to guarantee the availability of water and its sustainable management, and sanitation for all.

    According to a report by the United Nations Organization, there are billions of people who lack these basic services. "One in three people do not have access to safe drinking water, two out of five do not have facilities for washing hands and more of 673 million defecate in the open.