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    Productive greeting to May 1st in Ciego de Ávila

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    Saludo productivo al Primero de Mayo en Ciego de Ávila

    With voluntary work days in prioritized tasks of the economy, the coming Sundays, April 17 and 24, continue the productive, union and social actions that are carried out in Ciego de Ávila as a tribute to May 1st, International Workers' Day.

    Niurka Ferrer Castillo, general secretary of the Cuban Workers Central (CTC) in the province, indicated that the main effort of the trade union movement and the workers from Ciego de Ávila would be directed fundamentally to the tasks related to the production of food and the tasks concerning the sugar harvest, especially the planting of cane in those days.

    This Thursday 14, there will be an intergenerational meeting with young workers that will be held by the Provincial Company for the Recovery of Raw Materials in Ciego de Ávila.

    An act of awarding decorations to outstanding workers is scheduled for April 20 with a stage at the Lázaro López historic site.

    Likewise, the National Vanguard flag will be delivered to the ten entities and Business Units of Ciego de Ávila that were creditors of this condition, in events that will take place in the respective headquarters of these groups.

    Also as a greeting to May Day, acts of recognition will be held for the sugarcane platoons for the fulfillment of their daily plans and the mobilizations in the planting of cane will be intensified, to ensure the grass for the next harvest.

    Moreover, as part of the community action, on the 23rd, a cleaning and sanitation work will be carried out in Los Perros community, in the municipality of Chambas, at the same time that sports and cultural activities will be carried out there.