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    The popular consultation process of the Family Code Project concluded in Morón

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    Concluyó en Morón proceso de consulta popular del Proyecto del Código de las Familias

    With the realization of the 548 assemblies foreseen in the schedule, the popular consultation process of the Family Code Project, which began last February, concluded in the municipality of Morón.

    According to information from Juan Ridel Prieto Claro, president of the Municipal Electoral Council, in the exchange with the voters, more than 2,000 proposals were generated, where a figure greater than 60 percent are opinions favorable to the acceptance of the content of the Project.

    During the consultation process, numerous proposals for modifications and additions to the text were issued, while those that were classified as doubts and others appear to a lesser extent, he commented.

    The theme was recurring; Prieto Claro commented, of same-sex marriage, the adoption of minors, with great acceptance of what is related to the protection of the elderly and all the rights granted to them, as well as the protection of the woman and the children.