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    Partisan visit appreciated favorable socio-political climate in Morón

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    Apreció visita partidista clima sociopolítico favorable en Morón

    Joel Queipo Ruiz, head of the Economic Productive Department of the Central Committee of the Party (CCPCC), urged to take advantage of the favorable socio-political climate in the municipality of Morón ―created around the celebrations for May Day and confirmed during the integral visit of that organization― to promote economic and social development.

    The appreciation is based on the results of exchanges in 20 institutions linked to the production of goods and services, and four communities, where they fulfilled a two-day work program and spoke with more than 1,000 citizens, who expressed their willingness to eradicate the accusations.

    Queipo Ruiz pointed to the need to increase food production to promote greater supplies and stimulate the decrease in prices, mainly of agricultural products.

    Apreció visita partidista clima sociopolítico favorable en Morón

    He emphasized the relevance of transforming cadre politics and the functioning of the political organization, including the recommendation to correct the debates with administrative approaches in the nuclei, where it is necessary to promote analysis from a partisan vision and oriented to the search for solutions to the problems, as well as overcoming difficulties for political growth.

    According to the concluding report of the visit, the Meat, Dairy Products and Agricultural Supplies companies operate with economic losses; the Jardines del Rey destination maintains a hundred rooms out of order due to a lack of resources for rehabilitation and, in the tourism sector itself, there are difficulties in paying workers incentives.

    Apreció visita partidista clima sociopolítico favorable en Morón

    Obstacles prevail for the development of new forms of economic management, mostly associated with the resistance to establish links between the state and non-state sectors, and insufficient support to stimulate the progress of the new actors recognized during the updating of the Cuban economic and social model.

    The population also expressed concerns related to the poor state of architectural works, limitations with transportation and deficiencies in the services of entities such as the Municipal Housing Directorate, pointed out by the delay in processing the property titles of real estate located in the rural communities of Los Quemados and El Chillante.

    Apreció visita partidista clima sociopolítico favorable en Morón

    They recognized advances in the operation of the Roberto Rodríguez Fernández Provincial General Teaching Hospital and the initiative to link the admission rooms to local entities for maintenance, conservation and sanitation actions, to guarantee a progressive increase in the quality of services.

    Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party in Ciego de Ávila, expressed that the Morón citizens are committed to resolving the accusations, with emphasis on those related to the functioning of the organization, the politics of the cadres, and the economic and ideological battles.

    He referred to the need to promote care for young people and communities, families and people in conditions of vulnerability, who should be provided not only with material resources, but also with spiritual tranquility.

    The transformations must encompass the increase in food production and proper functioning of gastronomic services, guarantees of greater offers that will satisfy the needs of the people at more affordable prices.

    Morón population is committed to marching briskly to eradicate these problems, reiterated the also member of the Party's Central Committee.

    Apreció visita partidista clima sociopolítico favorable en Morón