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    Encouragement to face with optimism economic recovery in Ciego de Ávila`s companies

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    Exhortan a enfrentar con optimismo recuperación económica en empresas avileñas

    In order to face the economic recovery with optimism and creativity, he convened the integral visit of the Central Committee of the Party (CCPCC) in dialogue with directors and workers of the Agricultural Supply Company of Ciego de Ávila (ESACA), an entity with a complex financial situation.

    The visitors received a detailed explanation about the negative impact of Resolution 344 of the year 2020, which regulates the sales and prices of products destined for agriculture, whose costs in the international market require the economic protection of agricultural companies.

    Ángel Alcides Acosta Aguilar, deputy director of ESACA, exemplified that the fertilizers for the cold planting campaign were purchased at 28,830 pesos per ton; however, they were sold at 8,000, in order to avoid affecting agricultural activities.

    Exhortan a enfrentar con optimismo recuperación económica en empresas avileñas

    This decision also aims to prevent high prices during sales in the fields and their subsequent reflection on products intended for social consumption, marketed through different forms of management.

    At the end of 2021, these circumstances led to economic losses estimated at 19 million pesos (MP) and ESACA currently operates with a bank loan of 140 MP, with a current debt estimated at 128 MP, Guelsy Báez Martínez, economic director of ESACA, added.

    Exhortan a enfrentar con optimismo recuperación económica en empresas avileñas

    In this context, he said, the entity implements strategies that ensure economic solvency and sustainability, contemplated agricultural production destined for the self-sufficiency of the units, and sales to workers and the population.

    Also, links are strengthened with new forms of economic management for the production of paintings and wooden furniture; the latter will be destined for sales to the tourism sector and in the retail trade network to facilitate access to the population.

    The opening of a store in the municipality of Baraguá facilitates sales to the population of products that remained idle in the warehouses, which generates new income, although not always significant.

    Likewise, they create capacities to insert themselves in the manufacture of charcoal and formed a sanitation brigade that provides services in the Jardines del Rey tourist destination.

    Exhortan a enfrentar con optimismo recuperación económica en empresas avileñas

    Báez Martínez highlighted that, despite the difficult economic situation, stability is achieved in the workforce, which expresses the high commitment and decision to support transformations aimed at changing the current scenario.

    Héctor Gallinar García, CCPCC official, recalled that the nucleus has the mission of managing solutions that contribute to changing the financial situation, considering that "the Party is to fight and win."

    He recommended listening to the peasants and attending to their needs, which may lead to the development of new initiatives.

    In the local development project of the Young Fish Company from Morón, Gallinar García verified the production of larvae and fingerlings, and became interested in the application of science and innovation in the aquaculture development program.

    Defined as the third of its kind in extension in the country, with 50.8 hectares (1.8 of pools and 49 of deposits on land), it faces difficulties with the supply of animal feed, lacks resources for the preparation of cultivation areas and has quality problems in the repair of ponds.

    These irregularities are reflected in non-compliance with the production and reproduction plans, however, Yurisleidys Ruiz Posada, an Accounting and Finance specialist, estimated that better results could be seen by the end of this year.

    Exhortan a enfrentar con optimismo recuperación económica en empresas avileñas

    In the Industrial Fishing Company of Ciego de Ávila, the Strategic Program for Food Sovereignty until the year 2030 conceives 20 million pesos destined for the production and expanded reproduction of larvae and fingerlings of freshwater fish to increase the catch up to 2,870 tons.

    The progress of aquaculture conceives the application of science and technology based on the sustenance of fingerlings, the improvement of crops, the reproduction and rearing of species (cyprinids, claria and tilapia), the expansion of structures and the use of hydraulic resources.

    Based on the unfavorable behavior of platform fishing in recent years, the economic restrictions to promote capture on the high seas and the lack of areas for the progress of the activity, aquaculture is promoted as an alternative to respond to the growing demand for fish in the country.

    According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UNOAA, better known as FAO), aquaculture is considered among the fastest growing food production sectors, contributing 50 percent of the fish that is consumes globally.