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    It is planned to form state MSMEs in Bolivia

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    Prevén conformar mipymes estatales en Bolivia

    With plans to set up three state-owned micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), and ideas of setting up another two, the municipality of Bolivia, in the province of Ciego de Ávila, plans to strengthen the local economy by diversifying economic actors.

    Joel Queipo Ruiz, head of the Productive Economic Department of the Central Committee of the Party (CCPCC) and at the head of the comprehensive visit of the political organization to that territory, praised the initiative and obtained details about the plans with the Industrial Fishing Unit, Workshop 808 and the Construction Materials Production Company (PROMAC).

    Prevén conformar mipymes estatales en Bolivia

    Yanelis Jiménez González, mayor of the Municipal Government of People's Power reported on the requests for conversion of these entities into state-owned MSMEs, subject to consideration by the Ministry of Economy and Planning, and likely to become the first of their kind in Ciego de Ávila.

    She alluded to the expectations with Workshop 808, dedicated to the manufacture of artisanal products (baskets, hats, bags, brooms, key rings and straws for furniture, essentially), from yarey plantation buds recovered on local land, which facilitates access to essential raw materials.

    To promote this initiative, they also conceive the local culture and traditions of manufacturing these goods as strengths, in addition to conceiving a closed production cycle that contemplates productive chains with Caribe Stores and ensures sustainability.

    Prevén conformar mipymes estatales en Bolivia

    She pointed out that 808 Workshop currently belongs to the UEB Locals Productions of the adjoining municipality of Primero de Enero, therefore, the transition to a new form of economic management would reduce dependence on another territory.

    By changing their condition, the fishing unit and PROMAC, both of provincial subordination, would also strengthen municipal autonomy, because the productions and income generated by these entities would be available, which brings benefits for the development of the locality and its inhabitants.

    The transformation of the UEB Industrial Fishing Unity would also bring benefits as there would be greater facilities to manage fresh fish production and others obtained from its processing, so that new opportunities for commercialization would be opened.

    Prevén conformar mipymes estatales en Bolivia

    Meanwhile, the possibility of managing PROMAC's manufacturing would create new capacities in the territory to promote social works, including the construction of houses, actions in neighborhoods and communities, and the improvement of the quality of life for families and vulnerable people with homes in bad condition, he said.

    Queipo Ruiz considered essential the emergence of these MSMEs with an adequate conception and productive chains, which represent guarantees for their permanence.

    The party leader visited the fishing industry and the shipping point, where he exchanged with the workers to learn about their living and working conditions, witnessed the processing and sales areas to the population, and checked the status of the vessels destined for the capture on platform.

    Prevén conformar mipymes estatales en Bolivia

    In Bolivia's Brisas Beach, popularly known as Cunagua, he appreciated constructive actions to improve conditions in one of the recreational areas with the highest number of people in the summer season.

    He stated that there is potential there to become a prosperous area, through the integration of economic, cultural, recreational and environmental projects, which requires adequate development planning to undertake an investment process that will generate significant income in the short term.

    Bolivia is a municipality that requires differentiated attention to promote progress from the circular economy, he stressed.

    Prevén conformar mipymes estatales en Bolivia

    Prevén conformar mipymes estatales en Bolivia