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    The most intricate places became a small nation

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     Los más intrincados lugares se convirtieron en patria chica

    The most intricate places in this province became for four days a small country where residents, directors, officials, militants and non-militants of the partisan organization worked closely together, in accordance with the precept defended by Army General Raúl Castro to remain always with his ear glued to the ground, in direct connection with the people.

    Hundreds of Ciego de Ávila citizens had the opportunity to shake hands and exchange with members of the secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (CCPCC) and its auxiliary structure in Ciego de Ávila, where they left precise indications in each municipality based on the work objectives and compliance with the agreements of the Eighth Party Congress.

    "Touched" topics on the ground were the review of the internal life and functioning of the Communist Party of Cuba; the application of the measures approved for the business, agricultural and sugar sector; political-ideological work and attention to young people and vulnerable communities, among the most important, because there was never a lack of attention to those who "took refuge" in the visitors to talk about some personal problem or some unresolved issue.

    Prior to the discussions of the respective conclusive reports, the visit continued in most of the places in the morning.

    In Majagua, Sport Team 1 arrived, followed by a tour of the sports areas of educational institutions, where they exchanged with workers and students.

    The role of historians and professors of Marxism not only in terms of teaching, but also of participation in the decision-making of the government and the Party from the municipality and up to the country level, was the central theme of the debate held by professors of History and Marxism of the municipality of Venezuela with Jorge Luis Broche Lorenzo, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Party and head of the Department of Attention to the Social Sector of the CCPCC.

    If historians and those dedicated to the teaching of Marxism are not part of the advisory councils of the municipality and their academic production is known in the territory, it is due to a lack of organization and coordination. Then he specified: "there are results, it only remains to channel it as indicated by an agreement of the Eighth Congress of the PCC and the actions that derived from it."

    Broche Lorenzo toured Cubasoy Company, in which Yusbany Cárdenas Benítez, general director of the entity, explained that they are currently working on the soybean harvest, with very good yields of two tons per hectare, even when the rain interrupts the harvesting process.

    In the search for crop diversification, they plan to plant more than 3,300 hectares of tubers, vegetables and fruit trees, a number that could grow from the availability of irrigation machines and the investment of a mini-industry that should be ready in the second semester of 2023, reports the newspaper Invasor.

    In the municipality of Venezuela, he also visited the Sonrisas del Mañana children's circle, which currently has an enrollment of 173 children, in addition to exchanging with partners from ACLIFIM, ANCI and ANSOC.

    In the territory of Ciego de Ávila, Bárbara Aguilar Reyes, an official from the Economic and Production Department of the CCPCC, held a meeting with "decision makers" from the territory to analyze what refers to the increase in "speculative and excessive prices, which irritate the population so much."

    In the reasoning, it was clear that the upward trend in prices is due to multiple causes, from the lack of offers, undue cost records, excess of indirect production personnel, insufficient control actions, including popular control in the community —where the merchandise is made—, to the abusive behavior of Self-Employed Workers who sell the merchandise well above the cost of acquisition.

    Aguilar Reyes also held a meeting with young people belonging to the banking system (BANDEC and BPA), whom he urged to provide a quality service to the people, be efficient in the work they do and be agile in seeking alternatives to the difficulties that arise in the transformation and modernization of the banking system in Cuba.