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    Prices and inflation: help me gastronomy!

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    Precios e inflación: ¡ ayúdame gastronomía !

    This damn inflation hits us hard, prices that rise through the roof day by day and that seem like they will never stop, it is enough to drive anyone crazy.

    What surprises me the most is that, referring to the subject, a few days ago the deputy minister of MINCIN, in one of the ANPP commissions, stated that with respect to retail circulation, its growth is determined by the increase in the supply of goods and services, and not by rising prices.

    Maybe I do not know much about economics, but the truth is that it seems that our state gastronomy is far from that. Two examples:

    Line Fair and 18 for mothers. There are kiosks selling food and beverages from various companies, I am amazed to see canned beers of various brands in the distance and not see a people line at least... I go to the area and boom, the prices: between 160 (Windmill) and 200 pesos (Heineken) per unit, pork sandwich at 150 pesos. Wow! There is no queue for a reason if they have the same prices and even more expensive than any particular kiosk!

    Cinecitta Pizzeria, last Sunday23 and 12, at 6:00 pm. Family approach... Hey, there is no one it must be closed! I ask several shop assistants who are sitting down without much to do (four or five people) since there is not a single table occupied (a Sunday in the middle of Vedado!): "Madame, are you open?" Answer: "Yes, mate, come in and sit at the table you want" (There is something fishy and more when I was here last week and the pizzas with a good quality despite the melted cheese were 50 pesos and the spaghetti at 55... there's something wrong here). "Ok, bring me the menu please." Silence and delivery of the little book... Pummmm, all the prices, everything, they had doubled in less than a week.

    Of course, I asked in both cases what was the reason for this and in both the answer was similar: “Sir, a resolution was issued where it is established that each chain can issue the corresponding prices to obtain profits, we cannot work with losses.”

    Other questions did not get answers. How can it be that the state gastronomy has prices equal to and even higher than the private one, taking into account that it goes through a process of direct purchase of the raw material, while the second has to go through the issue of supply for the purchase in MLC stores or black market that is supposed to increase prices?

    Were cost sheets analyzed or were they guided by private market prices to put their own? How do they plan to make a profit and pay their workers if in the case of the pizzeria they do not have a customer? Are they hiding their inefficiency and bloated staff behind their selling prices? How does state gastronomy plan to contribute to reducing inflation if its prices and services are not competitive with other types of management?

    Like I said, unanswered questions.