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    School year 2022-2023: Preparations in Ciego de Ávila

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    MSc. Miriam Egea Álvarez jefa del departamento de Marxismo y Leninismo del Ministerio de Educación

    Several months still separate us from the month of December —the date on which the 2022-2023 school year is expected to begin throughout the country. However, in Ciego de Ávila, directors, methodologists and teachers prefer to get ahead of themselves and are already getting down to work with the preparations for a teaching calendar that faces the challenges of continuing to raise the quality of teaching and retaking many of the spaces and processes that COVID-19 forced to transform, in an effort to return normality, little by little, to the classrooms.

    Under this premise, the "Raúl Corrales Fornos" Pedagogical School, in the main city, welcomed for three days directors and members of the provincial and municipal structures, the pedagogical schools and the Vocational Institute of Exact Sciences. They, after two years of forced social distancing, they met again to, facing the coming school period, outline issues such as the project of continuous improvement of the national education system, political-ideological work and educational-preventive work in the current context.

    For Luis Enrique Calderón Piñeiro, Provincial Director of Education, it was essential to return to a preparation space that, from collective construction, contributes to thinking of a school year that, as a novelty, is projected towards the management of institutional government based on science and innovation to promote transformations from the educational project in the context of local development.

    Although the premise has always been that the school is the most important cultural center of the community, Calderón Piñeiro explains that the new projects should now focus on how, from the actions of educational institutions, the social indicators of a given place can be transformed.

    Political-ideological work will have a lot to do with it, which the provincial director defines as "the day to day of educators"; however, as recognized by the M.Sc. Madeleys Sánchez Llanes, Deputy Director General of Education, the context requires changes in methods and modes of action, since the lack of preparation in some teachers for the use of effective methods adjusted to the communication codes of the students has been identified, in which the Social networks on the Internet are today an important scenario to conquer.

    Meanwhile, Dr.C. Gema Díaz Díaz, general director of Training and Scientific Activity of the Ministry of Education, who presided over the meeting of the Avilanian educators, paid attention to the methodological preparation and the interest that the teachers who direct the provincial and municipal structures of Education join doctoral training, one of the goals to be established in terms of professional development.

    Although some may think that it is too early to focus on a teaching period with a marked start for when this year is almost over, in Díaz Díaz's opinion it is about "making the next course much more organized, since we are already going recovering some of the processes that we traditionally did and whose ways of doing we were forced to change due to COVID-19”.

    For now, the 2022-2023 school year will bear the stamp of an atypical start and duration, but when it ends in July of next year, a return to the regular calendar for the following school period will have been guaranteed.