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    Fairs in Ciego de Ávila: to look at and to take away

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    Fairs in Ciego de Ávila

    Fairs in Ciego de Ávila: to look at and to take away

    This Friday, the fairgrounds of the capital city will host, once again, an exhibition fair that will allow old and new actors to arrange a space for the productive chain.

    The idea is that the last Friday of each month this exchange between the entities of the territory is maintained. Besides, once exposed, the perishable products are offered to the population, who will be able to acquire the rest the next day, since from the end of April it has resumed that on Saturdays there is a fair that has already passed the category of agriculture to market various offers.

    According to information that came out at a meeting of the Distribution Council, on this occasion products from a dozen new actors and local development projects, as well as a dozen state entities, will be exhibited (on Friday) and will be marketed (on Saturday).

    Until noon on Wednesday, Agro-industrial Ceballos, Cepil with its wide range of plastic items, and the Cultural Assets fund had confirmed assistance, in addition to the demanded offers from the Food Industry and other entities of Agriculture.

    For its part, the already famous MSMSEs Delavida, Petalis, Carne D’Tres and the consolidated Agro-industrial La Ceiba and Media Luna headed the list of new actors.

    This exhibition fair on Friday May 27 follows the round of opportunities and business that took place last March. The intention now; however, is to make them regular at the end of each month.