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    Graphic artist from Ciego de Ávila wins international caricature award

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    Premio Michel Moro

    The graphic artist from Ciego de Ávila, Michel Moro Gómez, won the first prize in the Humor Drawing category at the XVII edition of the World Press Cartoon (WPC), one of the most important graphic humor events held in the world.

    The winners were announced during the opening of the exhibition that brings together around 300 of the best works that were submitted to the competition.

    Moro Gómez deserved the award for the “TV” caricature, published by Cartoon Movement. The contest also featured drawings in the Caricature and Cartoon Editorial categories and on this occasion awarded the grand prize to the Argentine author Matias Tolsá, for a caricature of Angela Merkel.

    The great annual event of humorous drawing rewards the most outstanding works published in the international press and on this occasion received works from more than 70 countries.

    According to the organizers, among the main topics of this edition were the departure of Angela Merkel and Donald Trump, the infamous virus that causes COVID-19 and his Brazilian 'friend' Jair Bolsonaro, beyond the drama created with the return from the Taliban to Kabul.

    The website pointed out that the drawings were evaluated by an international jury that included, in addition to António Antunes, director of World Press Cartoon, the French journalist Catherine André, the Portuguese-Brazilian art director Marco Grieco and the cartoonists Pierre Kroll, from Belgium, and Jaume Capdevila, from Spain.

    Michel Moro, a young graphic artist, drawer and illustrator, has numerous national and international recognitions, among which the Eduardo Abela Grand Prize stands out at the XXII Edition of the Biennial of Graphic Humor in Cuba.