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    Progress of the Life Task is recognized in Ciego de Ávila

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    Today, by designating Ciego de Ávila as the national venue for activities for World Environment Day, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) recognized the results of that province in the implementation of the State Plan to Confront the Climate Change (Life Task).

    Actions carried out from 2017 to date and the ability to advance in the last biennium were valued, despite the limitations imposed by the multidimensional crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the tightening of the US blockade against Cuba, according to reports the CITMA.


    Rafael Pérez Carmenate, territorial delegate of that organization, explained that in its beginnings the Life Task conceived three places of interest (Jardines del Rey Archipelago and the north and south coasts), however, the need to develop mitigation and adaptation tasks throughout the province led to its generalization.

    He pointed out that reforestation work is progressing in the ten municipalities, with a slight tendency to increase the forest index, considering that Ciego de Ávila is a province where agriculture is one of the fundamental economic lines.


    Renewable energy sources are being developed to reduce environmental pollution, including the installation of photovoltaic solar systems and the construction of biodigesters for the conversion of animal waste into biogas, he explained.

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    He highlighted the recovery of 10.4 kilometers of beaches in Jardines del Rey, through the dumping of 1,051,787 cubic meters of sand that allowed these spas to be widened by an average of 50 meters, in addition to reducing the vulnerability of the coastal sector to extreme hydro-meteorological events and the impacts of climate change.

    In these ecosystems, the elimination of invasive exotic species and the establishment of native plants contributed to the rehabilitation of the dunes and the increase in the quality of sun and beach tourism, by containing erosion and favoring biodiversity.


    The establishment of plants such as the so-called beach rice, with rhizomatous roots that favor the accumulation and retention of sand, consolidates the structures of the dunes, so that the effects of waves and wind are reduced, as well as erosion induced by anthropogenic factors.

    Pérez Carmenate also alluded to the recovery of the Chicola and Estero Socorro dams, which facilitate the exchange between rainwater and seawater, a favorable process for the natural regeneration of mangroves and the recovery of fishery biomass, the latter having a direct impact on the food of the people.

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    The effectiveness in the regulation and recharge of the underground mantle, through the management of dikes, ensures the supply of water for the population and agriculture, and a significant contribution of this liquid to the Great Northern Wetland and to the bays of Los Perros and Jigüey, where salinity decreases and ecosystems recover.

    The social impact of the Life Task was appreciated by building 147 houses ―equally distributed between the coastal towns of Punta Alegre and Júcaro― for the relocation of families in safe places, in the face of the threat posed by the rise in the average level of the sea and coastal penetrations in cases of extreme hydro-meteorological events.


    Among the results of the period are also the completion of works to minimize the effects of the drought in the southern portion of the province, and the installation of efficient irrigation systems that reduce water consumption and increase crop yields.

    Studies of danger, vulnerability and disaster risks continued, in order to promote actions that contribute to reducing the effects of climate change associated with the proliferation of pests and floods due to intense rains.

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    The territorial delegate of CITMA in Ciego de Ávila denounced that the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba constitutes the main impediment to advancing in the implementation of the Life Task.

    This hostile policy limits access to multilateral banks, financing of external projects and equipment with a US component of more than 10 percent, hinders investments and the acquisition of advanced technology to mitigate and achieve greater adaptation to the effects of climate change, he explained. .

    In these circumstances, he recognized the support of the international projects Connecting Landscapes, Coastal Resilience and My Coast in the creation of human and material capacities that enable the fulfillment of the proposed goals for the years 2030, 2050 and 2100.