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    Cuban Baseball: Tigres to Nelson Fernández stadium in pursuit of success

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    Béisbol cubano: Tigres al Nelson Fernández en pos de un éxito

    The "forecasters" were right. The Mayabeque-Ciego de Ávila playoff, at least in the statistics, seemed to be one of the most even in the postseason of the 61st National Baseball Series, and after the victory of Ciego de Ávila this Wednesday (7x4) a sixth game will be necessary; no doubt up to a seventh. The fans of the José Ramón Cepero stadium left the stadium pleased after Tuesday's failure!

    As many predicted, the Hurricanes' pitching could be the team's weak point. Therefore, it happened. Ciego de Ávila`s batters got 14 hits, which added to the three walks received tipped the balance in favor of the home team.

    Now those led by Yorelvis Charles will travel to San José de Las Lajas in pursuit of a victory, in one of the two possible clashes, which will give them the right to attend the semifinal phase of Cuban baseball.However, it is also worth mentioning the work of Dachel Duquesne, who after a first inning in which he allowed Yasniel's home run, recovered and in seven innings on the mound, he only allowed six hits.

    First third

    The visitors began impetuous in the first inning, scoring two after a walk to Juan Carlos Hernández and a homer by Yasniel González, but the Tigres immediately responded with four singles by Liosvany Pérez and Raúl González, a walk to Osvaldo Vázquez (the starter exploded Yulián Quintana and Adrián Sosa came), sacrifice fly by Alfredo Fadraga, in which the runners on second and first advanced a base, and, after a wild pitch by Sosa, not only Raulito scored, but also Vázquez.

    Nevertheless, in the initial entry the party continued with consecutive rockets from Rubén Valdés, Jorge Luis Contreras and Abdel Civil, to complete the group of four. The hosts added another in the second when, after two outs, Liosvany hit his second single and Raulito doubled him into left field. Dachel Duquesne, on the Ciego de Ávila mound, posted zeros in the second and third innings.

    Second third

    In the fifth, Luis Fernández started with a hit, and with one out Rangel Ramos doubled and the visitors placed runners on second and third. That was how Juan Miguel Martínez's grounder by shortstop brought the Mayabeque's third entry, although at the end of that inning the Tigers scored again by three rockets followed by Rubén Valdés, Jorge Luis Contreras and Abdel Civil.

    Last third

    Lázaro Martínez started the seventh with a bruise that became a hit for third and Orlando Lavandera hit a double that took his teammate to third, who scored on a sacrifice fly by Rangel Ramos, but at the end of that inning Osvaldo Vázquez disappeared the ball for left forest and the score was then 7x4.

    Duquesne started the eighth with a walk on balls and mentor Yorelvis Charles did not wait to bring in Kevin Soto, he gave the zeros of the eighth and ninth. In short, the Hurricanes had eight hits and the victors had 14. Both teams made a mistake.


    Today's parody: Give me a chance and I'll stay regular (Signature: Jorge Luis Contreras).

    The phrase of the mentor Michael González: “Without Yadián Martínez and Marlon Vega there is no paradise”.

    Forecast for the sixth game: According to Rubiera, the rains will win.