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    Communication campaign will accompany local development in Florencia (+Photos)

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    Campaña de comunicación acompañará el desarrollo local en Florencia (+Fotos)

    By launching the communication campaign Development begins here, in the territory of Florencia, the Municipal Capacity Building Program for Local Development (PRODEL) reinforces the purpose of making the inhabitants of 27 towns in the country the subjects of their own progress.

    Actions aimed at improving human and material conditions for planning, management and innovation will be promoted, with a comprehensive, concerted and sustainable approach to development, Melissa Pérez Ruiz, coordinator of the national campaign team of the Center for Local and Community Development (CEDEL), highlighted.

    Lasting two years, the campaign covers eight of the municipalities involved in PRODEL; Florencia is the second where the launch takes place, it was preceded by Nueva Paz (Mayabeque) and, in the next few days, it will take place in Cabaiguán (Sancti Spíritus) and Artemisa, the latter in the province of the same name.

    Campaña de comunicación acompañará el desarrollo local en Florencia (+Fotos)

    For the year 2023, the presentation is scheduled in the territories of Aguada de Pasajeros (Cienfuegos), Fomento (Sancti Spíritus), Imías and San Antonio del Sur (Guantánamo), she specified.

    As part of the initiative in each of these locations, four fundamental activities are planned: campaign week, with actions that encompass the popular councils; workshop with the media, local development fair and the meeting between municipal authorities (LiderAndo), she said.

    Campaña de comunicación acompañará el desarrollo local en Florencia (+Fotos)

    Although at the national level a visual communication campaign was conceived that expresses the common objectives of PRODEL and generated motivations by achieving distinctive products of the 27 municipalities, the fundamental actions are outlined in the territories involved, taking into account their particularities and possibilities, she emphasized.

    Niria Castillo Arzola, social communicator of the Municipal Government of People's Power in Florencia, stressed that the campaign will promote behaviors, concepts and solutions that contribute to progress, for which it plans to increase motivation for the search for solutions and initiatives for the benefit of the territory.

    Likewise, it is planned to increase creative and socialization spaces, in addition to multiplying the experiences and results of the municipality, defined as a place to innovate, solve problems and promote changes, she added.

    Reina Torres Pérez, head of the Department of Information and Social Communication of the Provincial Government of Popular Power in Ciego de Ávila, expressed that local development allows emancipation from the communities and fulfill the constitutional mandate referring to the achievement of municipal autonomy.

    She urged the use of the Citizen's Portal for the communication campaign, considering its official nature, the social recognition of that virtual platform and the presence in it of the organizations that contribute to the progress of the territory.

    Campaña de comunicación acompañará el desarrollo local en Florencia (+Fotos)

    Miguel Salazar Rodríguez, deputy delegate for Science, Technology and Innovation at the CITMA Territorial Delegation, emphasized that Florencia is a benchmark in organization and planning to promote local development in the other municipalities of Ciego de Ávila, and assured that the communication campaign will have a social impact in the province.

    In the territory of Florencia, it is committed to the use of natural beauties and the presence of geo-sites with tourist values, the existence of the Hydraulic Complex Liberation of Florencia, land and producers for the promotion of agriculture, and capacities to deploy canning and construction materials industries.

    To this, they add spaces for recreation, cultural traditions that reaffirm the identity of the region, a considerable number of adults with accumulated knowledge and the presence of a chair of peasant orality.

    In these circumstances, a prosperous municipality is projected, with equity, less pollution, a high quality of life and citizens more committed to actions for progress, Julio Valentín Santana Cruz, a specialist at the CITMA Capacity Building Center, underlined.

    Campaña de comunicación acompañará el desarrollo local en Florencia (+Fotos)