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    Heavy rains in much of the country

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    Intensas lluvias en gran parte del país

    In the last twenty-four hours, the rains were numerous in the west and center, some in the east. These precipitations were intense in several locations in the west and center of Cuba, highlighting the highest report in the meteorological station of Punta del Este, Isla de la Juventud with 155 millimeters, followed by Isabel Rubio, Pinar del Río with 135 millimeters and Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud with 129 millimeters.

    The rains are associated with the low pressure zone located in the seas near the Yucatan Peninsula, the central region is poorly defined and was located in the morning about 200 kilometers north of Cozumel, Mexico.

    A hurricane-hunting plane flies over this system and will be providing more information in the next few hours. This system maintains associated a wide and disorganized area of ​​cloudy with rains and some electrical storms, which are concentrated to the east of its central region, extending over the northwest of the Caribbean Sea, Cuba and its adjacent seas.

    Intensas lluvias en gran parte del país

    The Máximo River (Yaguajay, Sancti Spíritus) on the morning of this Friday, June 3.

    Photo: Screenshot from the video of Luis René Méndez Torres.

    The mentioned low pressure area has a high probability of reaching a tropical cyclone development in the next 24 to 48 hours, when it moves slowly northeast through the southeastern Gulf of Mexico, very close to the western end of Cuba. Depending on the tropical cyclonic development of the system, the most dangerous element is related to strong and intense rainfall, which is affected from dawn and morning to the west and center of the country.

    The rest of the day will continue to be cloudy over much of the country, with showers and rains in the west and center, which will be strong and intense in several locations.

    Intensas lluvias en gran parte del país

    It rains heavily in the city of Pinar del Río. Photo: Januar Valdés Barrios.