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    Measures are adopted in Ciego de Ávila due to the weather situation

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    Adoptan medidas en Ciego de Ávila ante situación meteorológica

    Weather forecasts indicate that from this Saturday afternoon and throughout Sunday there will be intense rainfall in the province of Ciego de Ávila, although not as strong as those in the western region of the country.

    However, there is a probability that accumulations of up to 100 millimeters will be reached in some localities, and this can cause disaster, the Master in Meteorological Sciences and director of the Provincial Meteorological Center, Oscar Benedico Rodríguez, pointed out.

    Based on this situation, Liván Izquierdo Alonso, a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and its first secretary in the province, and Governor Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, specified a group of measures to deal with the current meteorological and hydrological situation.

    In the first place, guaranteeing in the municipalities the offers in the Gastronomy and Commerce establishments, promoting the sale of the regulated family basket, and the production of bread, so that this Saturday the Sunday can also be sold.

    They specified the need to protect the goods that are stored in low-lying areas with dangers of flooding.

    Also essential is the activation of evacuation centers and the transfer of resources and people who are in vulnerable areas. Public Health should review the housing situation for pregnant women and provide them with shelters in maternity homes.

    Both rail and automotive transport must be ready so that they can move quickly at any indication. The restoration, in the shortest possible time, of the electrical service, is another of the punctual calls. Communications must maintain their vitality, and the work of Communal is important, especially in the collection of solid waste and in the provision of obituary services.

    Regarding hydrology, it was learned that the dams are at a filling capacity of over 50 percent and the reservoirs can assimilate 91 million cubic meters of water; but it is necessary to be prepared for an event of greater magnitudes, for this reason it is important to constantly monitor for, in case of floods, executing the pertinent actions.

    La Leche and La Redonda lagoons, in Morón, are above capacity levels, so they must be relieved.

    Due to previous experiences, the evaluations cannot be reduced only to what happens in Ciego de Ávila, because, according to the dimension of the rains in Sancti Spíritus, the overflow can generate floods in the municipality of Majagua.

    They pointed out the imperative of informing the captains or crew members of the vessels that are at sea that the return to land is urgent; and the campers, likewise, will have to be left from the facilities and the tourist offers renegotiated.

    Martín Venegas commented "this will serve as a training to face the hurricane season that is just beginning." For his part, Izquierdo Alonso emphasized the protection of the population, livestock, agriculture, and urged "the main cadres be on site, next to the people, in the most complicated places." As a climax, he insisted, "act with time, because nothing can surprise us."