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    Tropical storm Alex forms, the first organism of the current cyclonic season

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    Se forma la tormenta tropical Alex, primer organismo de la actual temporada ciclónica

    During the last few hours, after crossing over the Florida peninsula and emerging into the Atlantic Ocean, the low-pressure zone showed signs of better organization, concentrating cloudy areas with showers and thunderstorms near its central region, which allows it to be defined as tropical storm Alex, the first organism of the current cyclonic season.

    At two o'clock this morning, its central region was located at 28.6 degrees North latitude and 77.5 degrees West longitude, a position that placed it in the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean, about 1,110 kilometers west-southwest of Bermuda. Alex has maximum sustained winds of 80 kilometers per hour, with higher gusts, and a central pressure of 995 hectoPascal. It is moving northeast at a rate of 30 kilometers per hour.

    In the next 12 to 24 hours, the tropical storm will maintain a course between the northeast and the east-northeast, gaining a little more in intensity, to begin to gradually weaken, starting this Monday.

    Despite the departure of tropical storm Alex, the outermost bands of clouds with showers, rains and electrical storms will continue to affect the national territory, mainly the central region. These precipitations will be strong and intense in some locations in this part of the country, with emphasis on mountainous areas and the southern coast. Considering the degree of saturation of the soil, attention must continue to be paid to the hydro-meteorological situation in each territory.

    The next tropical cyclone warning about this organism will be issued at six in the afternoon this Sunday.