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    It is better to be careful

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    Es mejor precaver

    Faced with the advent of danger, you have to touch the vulnerable points with your hand.

    "If when I go through the dam again, this afternoon, I see a single person fishing, you can be sure that the municipality will lose the People Heart-beating condition and they will never obtain it again."

    To you, who reads, the phrase may seem blunt, authoritarian, inflexible... I who witnessed when Liván Izquierdo Alonso, First Secretary of the Party in Ciego de Ávila, expressed it there in the north of the province, I can tell you that he did so with serene, slow voice, more like sound advice than a threat.

    He knew he had to do it. Also, he inferred the educational effect.

    And it is that everything that is done in a timely manner will always be little to prevent against the dangers associated with a hydro-meteorological situation such as the one that has taken place during these days, with high records of rains and havoc in the west and center of the country.

    Having experienced this terrain (meteor exercises, scourge of hurricanes, tornadoes, floods...) from the first moment the main authorities of the territory decided to touch every detail with their hands and eyes, in correspondence not only with what was oriented by the Temporary Work Group , but also with what logic indicates in such a context, where the main thing is to protect human life, in the first place, and preserve resources and goods that are essential for the economy and for the nation in general.

    Es mejor precaver

    Either you unclog on time or “bad weather will take its toll on you”.

    The old and wise phrase that suggests, "prevent so as not to regret" shows its scope again these days.

    Based on its essence, teams belonging to various organizations and special formations created for situations like this, unblocked what could have prevented the free flow of water in bridges, sewers, ravines and other really vulnerable points.

    The province focused priority attention on this. It is not necessary to be a fortune teller to know that the control of the situation and the real possibility of avoiding complications that end up endangering human life or causing huge economic losses.

    “This was more of a joke than a movie” – I heard how one citizen said to another while they passed each other on bicycles on Máximo Gómez Street, in Ciego de Ávila.

    The receiver of the message only limited himself to greeting with one hand while giving a discreet smile. I imagine that for his interior he has meditated something similar to what I thought at that moment: "Better the roll and not a horror and disaster movie".

    Therefore, I can infer what happened in that Northern Derivadora minutes after the sentence said by Liván Izquierdo: everyone went “straight” towards the dam so that not a single fisherman would give death a chance to get away with it.