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    Yorbis Borroto starts exercises and walks without a cast

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    Yorbis Borroto inicia ejercicios y camina sin yeso

    This Thursday, Yorbis Borroto Jáuregui, captain of Los Tigres from Ciego de Ávila, began rehabilitation exercises after having removed the cast that kept immobile part of his left leg, after suffering an injury in last mid-April, in a game against Los Cachorros from Holguin.

    The news was announced by the player himself, who told Granma that the minimal access operation was a success and now he will have to combine the rehabilitation exercises at the Belkis Sotomayor polyclinic in Ciego de Ávila with others at home, recommended by Osvaldo García Martínez, Doctor of Medical Sciences, second degree specialist in Orthopedics and Traumatology and head of the medical team that participated in the surgical intervention.

    “I feel the logical pains in this type of surgery. They authorized me to walk, slowly and carefully, but the most important thing is that my sports life in high performance is not in danger. So I will be back in the stadiums, until I perform from a sporting point of view and the people love me”, said the Ciego de Avila shortstop with 20 national series jokingly.

    Through this channel, he thanks the medical team, the hospital workers and the fans who are always concerned about his state of health. He transmits to everyone the assurance that he will be disciplined and will comply with the orders of the doctors for a speedy recovery and return to the field in the shortest possible time.

    With the intervention they reconstructed the syndesmosis, a semi-rigid joint that joins the tibia with the fibula, with an important role in the biomechanics of the ankle, but which had been damaged by the trauma; The fibula also returned to its place on the incision of the tibia, and the ankle regained its stability, assured García Martínez, who is also coordinator of the Cuban Arthroscopy Group.

    In the telephone conversation, he commented that he has always been aware of the team, with which he maintains communication via cell phone and in person when they play at the José Ramón Cepero stadium, in Ciego de Ávila.“I ask them to keep their spirits high, to put their hearts into every play, every action; that they stay united and play the music that we like on the trip to Granma. We respect the Alazanes, but we are also a great team and we know how to play the postseasons”, he said with heartfelt emotion.