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    Búfales qualify for the final of the Superior Basketball League

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    LSB Juego Ciego de Avila vs Santiago de Cuba en la sala Giraldo Córdova cardín de Ciego de Ávila

    After coming back from a game that seemed "downhill" against Santiago de Cuba, Buffaloes from Ciego de Ávila won this Sunday the right to attend the grand final of the Superior Basketball League (LSB) by winning 95-87 in the Giraldo indoor hall Cordova Cardin.

    It does not sound like anything out of the ordinary. However, it was. If you, dear reader, had arrived at La Cardín when about six minutes had elapsed in the second quarter, then you would agree that the nine-time champions' task was titanic. At that point, in the game they were losing no less than 23 points.

    It turned out that the untamed imposed a fast game that again could not be deciphered by the locals. Already the difference in the first quarter was considerable (31-17). The pace of the match was so intense that you did not have to be a scholar to predict that physical condition was going to decide the match.

    At the end of the second quarter, the offensive transitions of the visitors were not as electrifying as at the beginning and the Ciego de Ávila team "pressed the accelerator"; at halftime, they went lower on the board, but the indomitable advantage did not look abysmal (57-41).

    As during the entire regular season, no player from the home squad exceeded 30 minutes of play. There was fluid rotation, while four starters from Santiago spent more than 30 minutes on the pitch. That may be the causes of the result.

    A whirlwind came out on the court in the second half. The Buffalos, as usual, were a horrifying herd and they won the third quarter 34-13, a difference of 21 points! The final segment was level (20-17) and with it another result for the rich history of this team.

    Yasser Rodríguez and Yordanis Jaca, with 17 cards, were the most outstanding, but Yosbany Hernández (15) and veteran Yoan Luis Haiti (14) were also protagonists; although the highlight of the match was the indomitable Eddy Echevarría, with his 18 points and no less than 16 rebounds.

    Now those led by Jorge Quintero will return to the field next Friday the 17th in the Yayabo room in Sancti Spiritus, since the quintet there beat Capitalinos (91-84), also in the fourth game. As in the semifinal, the playoff will be five possible duels and the first to reach three successes will be proclaimed champion.