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    Digital signature makes its way in Ciego de Ávila

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    With a lot of ground still to be conquered, the use of the digital signature extends to 15 organizations in Ciego de Ávila, as part of the computerization process carried out by Cuban society and which, among other purposes, seeks to streamline procedures for the population and achieve greater efficiency in the management of public administration within the framework of Digital Government.

    Guarantees in terms of confidentiality, integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation support a tool that, as Niurka Socarrás Hernández, specialist of the Territorial Division of the Defense Information Technology Company (Xetid) in the province, explained; it has behind an encrypted information responsible for confirming that the person signing it is the author of said document and endorses the information contained therein.

    Likewise, it allows the receiver to identify the sender and confirm that during the process it has not been modified since it was signed by the originator.

    Entities such as Confecciones Trébol, the provincial directorates of Finance and Prices, Economy and Planning, Justice and the municipal governments of Popular Power in Florencia, Majagua, Chambas, Baraguá and Ciego de Ávila, are some of the entities that currently benefit from the advantages that brings with it the use of the digital signature and that Socarrás Hernández attributes to the fact that "they are highly secure, they speed up the processes, because if before it could take days for someone to sign a document, now it is a matter of minutes, so in addition to time, it also saves resources.

    They know it well in the Provincial Directorate of Finance and Prices, where Elisbet Díaz Rodríguez, main specialist in Government Accounting, does not hesitate for a second to ensure that since its implementation the change has been for the better, by allowing her to overcome the lack of office that they had been facing and make better use of the computer resources available to them. Likewise, it has given them the possibility of creating a digital file to store all the documents with the security and the required conditions.

    Not for nothing today it is also extended to municipal offices, which has contributed to speeding up work and its implementation is intended by the budgeted units with which they maintain a labor relationship.

    In addition, if the list of entities that use it in the province is not longer, it is due, in part, to the lack of interest of some that, even with the necessary conditions for its execution, put the refusal ahead, or others that are unaware of its multiple benefits. , according to the Xetid specialist.

    Meanwhile, in the Territorial Division of Xetid they have not remained idle and, along with the promotion of the digital signature, they can also afford, among their products, to exhibit Reafirma, a platform that, as Niurka explains Socarrás Hernández makes it easy to sign documents and invoice online, providing legal validity to the process through electronic signatures and a series of security mechanisms and verification by authorized third parties.

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    Its benefits include the opportunity it offers to keep documents and invoices in one place, control the status of the document, and obtain real-time information on its statistics, increased productivity and savings in important supplies.

    At the beginning of March, Agreement 9266 of the Council of Ministers was announced, which established that, before April 30 of this year, the organs, agencies of the Central Administration of the State, the Central Bank of Cuba, all national entities and bodies of People's Power had to use the digital signature mechanism.

    As argued by the Council of Ministers, the promotion of the digital signature within the financial and governmental institutions, aims to "obtain with quality, systematicity and promptness the experience for its subsequent generalization to the citizenry".

    Since 2018, Decree Law 370 "On the computerization of society in Cuba", in its article 31, granted validity to documents in digital format signed electronically with the use of digital certificates of the National Public Key Infrastructure.