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    EPIVILA activates to reduce losses

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    barcos jucaro ciego de avila

    Reducing costs in each vessel and indirect expenses are among the measures adopted by the Industrial Fishing Company of Ciego de Ávila (EPIVILA) to change the panorama of last year, when they were among the entities in the territory that ended with losses.

    "One of the fundamental factors that affected the 15 million losses that we had last year was the productive failure, we stopped producing more than 1,100 tons of fish," Alexis Benavent Martínez, general director of EPIVILA, told Invasor.

    Benavent Martínez recalled that in April 2021 only 35 percent of the fleet was in production, due to the great state of deterioration of the remaining fishing vessels.

    “We took on the task of recovering the infrastructure, including the capital repair of the shrimp fleet, which had not been repaired for more than 17 years. It was an arduous task, carried out by the boat workers themselves, both in the port of Júcaro and in the Punta Alegre Base Business Unit”.

    The manager indicated that if they did not undertake these actions in 2021 they would not be able to fish either in that year or in the present 2022. “The improvement of the fleet had an impact on the results we had from January to April in the capture of 82.7 tons of shrimp, where we exceeded the forecast, and 590.9 of fish, 95 percent of the plan”.

    In this period, they achieved profits of 281,000.00 pesos. However, the effects of lack of fuel made them lose days in which the boats could not leave, which made it impossible for the catches to be even better, especially shrimp, an important exportable item.

    Last May they had to stop shrimp fishing due to a fuel shortage, just as fishing for scaled species decreased, so they ended up with one million 200,000.00 pesos in losses. "To achieve more efficiency and productivity of the vessels, we have tried to take them out as early as possible."

    Another measure that they have adopted is to carry out a process of optimizing the workforce and the organizational structure of the entity in the first quarter of this year, to reduce the levels of indirect expenses to production.Union work is important in this action. One of its leaders in EPIVILA, Lilian Matthews León, affirms the vitality of the affiliate assemblies that are held monthly, and in which the fundamental problems in each unit and the way to solve the problems are analyzed.“You have to look for the talents of the workers, the suggestion alternatives of the best fishing spots. We cannot see our efficiency in raising prices, but in reducing costs in each ship and each dependency”.

    The recovery of this entity is essential, in which —as its general director points out— fishing can generate food every day having fuel and ice. The higher the production, the more protein for the Ciego de Ávila`s homes.