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    It is predicted affectations in the electrical service for today, Wednesday

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    The Directorate of the Electric Company of Ciego de Ávila informs that throughout yesterday there were reports of interruptions in the electrical service due to a generation deficit in all the circuits of the province.

    This situation has been maintained throughout the early hours of today, until now unfortunately it has not been possible to comply with a blackout schedule due to the instability of the generation.

    Units 6 and 7 of CTE Máximo Gómez and units 4 and 5 of CTE Diez de Octubre are out of service due to breakdowns. In addition, the CTE Otto Parellada unit, CTE Lidio Ramón Pérez units 1 and 2, and CTE Antonio Maceo unit 6 are undergoing maintenance, and the limitations on thermal generation are maintained.

    Generation availability is expected to be lower than demand, so if these conditions continue, it is forecast that service will be affected throughout the day and night today.

    In addition, interruptions were reported yesterday in the secondary distribution lines (associated with transformers):

    From the Ceballos circuit on Las Palmas and Plaza avenues, from the Jicotea circuit on the way to the cemetery, from the Micro Norte circuit in workshop B5 and from the Punta Alegre circuit in Curva del Salille due to damaged devices.

    Of the Violeta circuit in Malezal and the Baraguá circuit in the Development Zone due to the contact of animals with the network.

    For tomorrow, Thursday, June 16, no interruptions are expected due to maintenance and pruning work until the time of preparation of this informative note.

    It is important that the population knows that when the electrical service is restored in a circuit, it can fail due to the overload given by the coincidence factor that occurs when there are many electrical appliances working in unison, so we encourage customers to When the service is restored, check your homes and turn off the lights or equipment that are unnecessarily on, let's consciously make efficient use of energy and we all win by avoiding circuit overload and even damage to the transformer that would aggravate the situation for everyone.