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    A direct delegate is elected to the X Congress of the FEU in Morón

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    Dairon César Fundora Perez al centro delegado directo al X Congreso de la Federación Estudiantil Universitaria FEU

    Ciego de Ávila already has its direct delegate to the X Congress of the University Student Federation (FEU): Dairon César Fundora Perez, student of Brigade 204 in the second year of Medicine, at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Morón.

    His election took place as part of the congress at the base, which was attended by Karla Santana Rodríguez, national president of the FEU, and Yaliel Cobo, member of the National Bureau of the UJC that attends the educational sphere.

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    “It was a unanimous decision of the entire brigade, as we believe that Dairon is the most prepared student. He is currently the president of our brigade and has done very well so far. He knows how to carry out teaching activities on a par with extracurricular activities, obtaining satisfactory results in both”, Araelis de la Caridad Martínez Guzmán, secretary of the base committee of the 204 brigade, told Invasor.

    Delegado directo al congreso de la FEU

    Regarding to several tweets from the FEU in the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Moron, the congress in the 204 brigade allowed analyzing the internal functioning of the student organization from constructive criticism.

    “Being a delegate to the FEU National Congress brings with it a great responsibility; our main objective is to bring to the national level the feelings of university students, their goals, their aspirations, their problems, their criteria, opinions, concerns and their thoughts. In addition, we must bring experiences and solutions from the Congress that we will share with all our colleagues, so that there is not a single university student who is not involved in the Congress, because this belongs to everyone. I greatly appreciate this opportunity,” Dairon César Fundora Perez said.

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    In the year of its centenary, the University Student Federation has proposed to hold its X Congress, whose call was launched last January and began to materialize from the beginning of June in the 5,289 brigades and rooms of the student residences.

    "Consolidation of the social vocation, naturalize criticism to deepen the approach to our problems and solve them, and promote the collective and conscious participation of students" are among the efforts of the FEU with its X Congress, according to Santana herself Rodríguez, in a round table about the beginning of the process outlined by Alma Mater.

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    According to the student leader, the debate will include the communities, because "it is necessary to build a space for university dialogue in the neighborhoods, which is why it is imperative to organize ourselves into popular councils to discuss how the FEU can continue contributing with its impact projects Social".

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