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    Unit I of Felton successfully synchronizes to the National Electro-energetic System

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    Block number one of the Lidio Ramón Pérez Thermoelectric Power Plant, in Felton, located in the Holguin municipality of Mayarí, successfully synchronized this morning with the National Electro-energetic System (SEN), after urgent maintenance due to the dirt accumulated in the boiler.

    Euclides Rodríguez Mejías, technical director of the thermoelectric plant, confirmed to ACN that the generator entered the SEN after two in the morning and that at 5:30 a.m. As of this Wednesday, it generated 180 MW and continued to increase gradually its load on the way to 260 MW.

    Rodríguez Mejías explained that the start-up process occurred after correcting a crack in a pipe inside the boiler, a typical failure of the start-up process, caused by the cleaning of the slag during the maintenance carried out.

    Felton's technical director commented that in turbo group number two, the process of equipment testing, completion of systems and assembly of the turbine continues to achieve the start-up of the unit, scheduled for the first days of July, which will contribute to alleviate the current energy situation that the country is going through.

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    Jorge Armando Cepero Hernández, general director of the Electric Union, recently commented that inside there were large deposits of ash, containing heavy metals, mainly vanadium, which obstructed the correct circulation of the aerodynamic flow inside it.

    These residues, caused by the combustion process, adhered to the convective axis and to the walls of the boiler, led the block to work with the minimum permissible technical parameters, a very detrimental situation for the turbo group and all its aggregates, he explained.

    Since the beginning of March, a partial capitalizable repair has been carried out on turbo group number two and, as the work on the low-pressure cylinder was extended, both units were undergoing maintenance at the same time, leaving the power plant out of service for this reason with the highest installed capacity in the country.