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    Pablo Milanés in Havana: You are my best audience (+Photos)

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    Concierto de Pablo Milanés en La Habana 8

    “I have always said that Cuba is my best audience, but you have already gone too far”, were the words with which Pablo Milanés received the thousands of Cubans who shouted for him from the stands of the Coliseum of the Sport City Havana.

    That same public had been days before, all night and morning, waiting to buy tickets to see it. Some had two years without hearing it live. Others, much more. That same public filled the networks with their clamor; it could not be that so few tickets had been sold. Two years is a long time. Pablo is very Pablo. That same public managed to move this concert here, to the Coliseum.

    Here, where people have been arriving since five in the afternoon. Children, parents, young people. People fight for the bottom seats. They want to see it as close as possible. They want to reach out and touch it.

    Concierto de Pablo Milanés en La Habana 5

    It is not surprising then that when, at nine o'clock, Pablo makes his entrance on stage, the stands are filled with lights and people applaud. She is elated. Sings. When you have missed something, you scream. You scream and you sing.

    “Thank you Pablo, we love you”, is heard from time to time. “Hard”, they also yell at him. They show "Beginning and end of a green morning", "The brief space in which you are not", "In what a quiet way"... They show the song he dedicated to his wife. “Nancy really deserves that applause,” says Pablo, and people applaud more.

    Concierto de Pablo Milanés en La Habana 7

    Passes the letter that bristles: that I have loved you/ and I have wanted/ more than once/ to see you here with me.

    Almost at the end, Yolanda arrives. A girl gets up. Pablo, one of those eternal artists, one of those who stop a nine-year-old girl from her seat. Pablo's audience will never be lacking.

    Almost saying goodbye, everything goes off and people shout "another one!". They don't think they have to fire him now. Almost two hours have not been enough.

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    Pablo listens to his people and returns with “Love me as I am”. When the melody ends, he says: “Thank you guys. They are the main reason we are here. They deserve it, because they have been the protagonists of this recital”.

    Concierto de Pablo Milanés en La Habana 6

    Concierto de Pablo Milanés en La Habana 3

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