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    Links between the University and companies are reviewed in Ciego de Ávila

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    Coming to understand that the money allocated to science and innovation within the business sector is not an expense, but an investment, could be considered one of the main lessons emanating from the meeting that in Ciego de Ávila reviewed the links between the University and companies.

    Directed by Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Party in the province, and Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, governor, the meeting reviewed the current status of the agreements signed between the main scientific center, the Máximo Gómez Báez University, and the business community. Although it is not an untrodden road, only 68 agreements remain in force.

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    As it was explained, entities such as the Delegation of Hydraulic Resources and several of its dependencies, Cubasoy, the Provincial Meteorological Center, Avilmat, the Electric Company and the Aqueduct and Sewerage Company can show a history of relationships and joint work, in areas of the training and upgrading of human resources, computerization of processes and research.

    However, 54 companies from Ciego de Ávila did not allocate money for science and innovation activity in the current year; while among those who did approve a budget for these purposes, 50 percent of those amounts were obtained through bank loans. "This means that there is no foresight or strategies, a problem appears and then money is requested to investigate and find solutions," Yuslaivis Borges González, a member of the Party's Provincial Bureau, said.

    Yurisbel Gallardo Ballat, rector of the University, confirmed that investment in science must respond to a development plan and the bank of problems identified for each entity, and must begin by building capacities among decision-makers. On the benefits that the training and improvement of its faculty represents for the house of higher studies, in terms of hiring and international agreements, he explained the income for this concept. In that sense, he reported the forthcoming creation of a center for upgrading cadres at the university headquarters, the only one of its kind outside of Havana.

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    "If the agreements do not aim to turn this province into one of the most productive in the country, we are not doing things right," Liván Izquierdo Alonso held speaking at the meeting, where directors of organizations and companies had commented on intentions and results.

    The top party leader called for moving to a higher stage in the signing of agreements and the creation of technical advisory councils, tools that allow, for example, beginning to unravel the economic losses of twenty companies in the region.

    “The agreements must respond to the three work fronts that the country has identified: the political-ideological, the economic and the social. And above all, they must have measurable indicators, to check whether progress is being made or not”, he concluded.

    Izquierdo Alonso reported that as part of the work system, the links between the University and the companies would be reviewed quarterly, with accountability from the directors of each entity.