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    Constant commitment: keep electricity generation vital

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    Constante empeño: mantener vital la generación eléctrica

    He arrived at the Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Thermoelectric Plant 16 years ago and recently graduated from the specialty of electrical technician, and since then, he has gone through different evaluation levels until reaching specialist B.

    “I came here just after graduating from the September 5 Polytechnic as a training technician and little by little I climbed the ladder through the years and gained experience from workers with more experience. I have advanced in time and acquired more knowledge”, Léster Miguel Hurtado Calcines, who also obtained the endorsement of the National Center for Industrial Certification (CNCI) and is instrumental in the actions undertaken in the Persian “thermo” to return the vitality, says.

    Transcendent moments are treasured in Léster's working life, including his participation in the two modernizations that have been carried out on the generating plant and the fulfillment (on two occasions) of the internationalist mission in Venezuela, which he values ​​"as a very important". As important for him is the possibility of having received in Germany a preparation to undertake the modernizations.

    "We are focused on continuing to give the best we can in order to keep the generation vital and maintain the course of the economy and life in our country," expresses who does not spare hours for his work.

    What has been your response and that of your colleagues to specific situations such as those that have recently been experienced in the operation of the National Electro-energetic System (SEN)?

    “Our work is quite strong; because we have to be aware that electricity generation depends on us and that we provide a service to the country and the population, which is the most important thing. We have had problems with some machines and we have taken care of them in record time. In overtime, on weekends, without time, we have come to move forward with the work and for the units to rejoin the SEN and offer a good service”.

    Léster proudly narrates one of his most recent experiences: "We had a limitation of one of the units to 40 megawatts and in three hours we managed to restore the system and unit three, which once again reached its maximum power of 158 megawatts."

    It is worth noting that this work earned him a mention in the most recent edition of the Science and Technology Forum. “We are assessing breakdowns and to that same extent we look for solutions that make it possible to keep our units running. So far they remain stable,”he abounds.

    Léster is not unaware of the frequency regulator role of the thermoelectric plant where he works, one of the most stable in recent times: that is why he does not stop working and is happy to have the understanding of his family (his wife and mother-in-law work in the electricity sector), and although he cannot always be with his little girl, he knows that everything he does is also for his benefit.

    “The sense of belonging has attached me little by little to this company, he says, and it is a job that requires study and effort. I have been working here for 16 years and that is my greatest pride”.