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    Electric Power Company forecasts an affectation of 415 MW during peak hours

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    Unión Eléctrica pronostica una afectación de 415 MW en horario pico

    The Electric Union reported that yesterday the service was affected due to a generation capacity deficit from 06:08 throughout the day. The maximum impact during peak hours was 625 MW at 8:50 p.m., higher than planned due to the unexpected outage of unit 1 of the CTE Lidio Ramón Pérez at 3:03 p.m., due to failure of a regenerative air heater.


    The service was restored at 04:08 am today.The service began to be affected again at 06:14 hours and must be maintained throughout the day. For the hours of the day, an affectation of 400 MW is estimated.

    Units 6 and 7 of the CTE Máximo Gómez, unit 4 of the CTE Diez de Octubre, unit 1 of the CTE Lidio Ramón Pérez and units 3 and 5 of the CTE Antonio Maceo are out of service due to breakdowns.

    Unit 2 of the CTE Lidio Ramón Pérez is under maintenance. At Energas Varadero, the 20 MW steam turbine is out of service. The limitations in thermal generation (499 MW) are maintained.

    In distributed generation, 1,066 MW are unavailable due to breakdown and 397 MW are undergoing maintenance.

    For peak hours, the entry of unit 3 of the CTE Antonio Maceo with 50 MW and the use of 190 MW in diesel engines is forecast.

    With this forecast, an availability of 2,554 MW and a maximum demand of 2,900 MW are estimated for peak hours, for a deficit of 346 MW, so if the forecast conditions are maintained, an affectation of 415 MW is forecast at the peak.

    All consumption restriction measures are implemented in the state sector.