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    Induction modules are delivered to vulnerable people in Majagua

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    Retinosis left him very blind as a child. Moreover, as if that were not enough to have to rely on the other senses, five of his eight brothers suffer from the same, because it is genetic. Even so, without vision and with a machete or a guataca in his hands, he worked cleaning railway tracks, planted cane, and felled a few crops..., until old age combined with disability.

    Entregan módulos de inducción a vulnerables en Majagua

    His illness, living alone in a humble house and not having a son or a wife, are enough reasons for the State to look after him. For this reason, in the village of Derramadero, at the age of 72, Gelacio Rodríguez Figueredo became the first man from Majagua to benefit from an induction module (kitchen, two saucepans, a frying pan and a coffee maker), without havoc for a checkbook of 1,528.00 pesos , because the local government assumes its payment (of 3343.00 pesos).

    In addition, on behalf of the Cuban State, Yoanky Alfonso Cervantes, a young social worker who travels through the towns of Derramadero and Las Trozas, by bicycle or whatever happens, taking the needs of his vulnerable population, above all, in pencil.

    His wife is also a social worker, Yulianny Gutiérrez Gómez, and she attends to the head community of the Popular Council, which is Limones Palmero. In his list of beneficiaries with the recently entered teams to the municipality, there are three mothers, whose sum of children reaches the figure of eleven, both small ones running around the yard and yet to come into the world or still in their arms.

    Yadira González González, 28 years old, patient with HIV and 3 healthy children (7, 3 and 1 years old). Apart from being protected there with food from the Family Care System, an exceptional monetary benefit of 4,380.00 pesos has already been approved for her, while priority continues to be given in the demographic policy, approved by the Government to help these types of vulnerable families.

    With four infants and only 27 years old, Yureisy Jorge Castillo received his necessary kitchen utensils, so now he will give up a little bit of charcoal, whose price puts his accounts in check, whenever he finds it. However, their expenses are favored with 3780.00 pesos by Social Assistance.

    Now, the last in that area to smile at the donation was Yenia Gómez Ávila, 28, also with four children, one of them still in her belly. However, the "lemon tree" appears among the applicants for a home, based on the interest and the millionaire budget that the country has allocated to get mothers of large families with low resources out of delicate situations.

    After touring the towns of Derramadero and Limones Palmero, in that territorial order, he had to pass by two houses in Las Trozas, another little piece of Majagua attended by Yoanky.

    Lusneidy Torralba Esquijarosa is the mother of Luis David, an eight-year-old boy who suffers from Duchenne Syndrome, a muscular dystrophy that worsens rapidly and causes total loss of independence. The girl is paid at home as a caretaker mother, although the salary includes her other daughter, also a minor.

    For the benefit of Luis David, the family donated a wheelchair that allows him to walk around the town and a teacher goes to his house to teach him the contents, according to the special education. The free delivery of the equipment, at the same time, was conducive to offering Lusneidy, at a very affordable price, a towel, a pillowcase and a sheet.

    The grant was completed by Yudelis Cabrera Góngora, who gave birth to three little ones. And the benefits, obviously, are repeated.Belkys Rodríguez Rodríguez, municipal director of Commerce, in charge of ensuring distribution, reported that for now, 40 modules have entered Majagua, of which 39 are delivered by Social Assistance to vulnerable people, free of charge, and one sold to journalist Ricardo Benítez Fumero, as part of several grants he receives for his outstanding career.

    “In all popular councils they will be delivered, although it started with Limones Palmero this Saturday. To the six from here, there are another nine in Mamonal, eight in Orlando González, eleven in the main town of the municipality and six in Guayacanes. The Government will pay more than 130,000.00 pesos for the modules that all these vulnerable people receive.”