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    Raúl Torres playing guitar in Ciego de Ávila

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    Raúl Torres a guitarra limpia en Ciego de Ávila

    This Monday afternoon, he broke with the routine at the Cándido González Morales Vocational Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences (IPVCE), in Ciego de Ávila. The audio equipment at the end of the central corridor only confirmed what the whole school had been commenting on since morning. For this reason, when Raúl Torres appeared at the entrance, the boys were waiting impatiently for him because not every day an artist of his stature visits them, or a singer-songwriter celebrates his birthday with the public.

    Anthological themes such as Snowflake and Give me everything back could not be missing in a meeting that surprised the also composer, seeing how songs that were born with other generations were now sung by an audience that, despite their young age, proved to know his musical work.

    Guitar in hand, came the anecdotes of the time he lived in Spain, where a song like Couples was born, which is part of the album In Extremis and talks about polyamory, a phenomenon that today's young people do not escape.

    While he asked someone to accompany him on the improvised stage, the talent of a student put him to enjoy from the public with whom he applauded, to end up accompanying her in her interpretation and inviting her to continue with her artistic vocation.

    They were privileged to be able to enjoy the premiere of a love song that, being so unpublished, Raúl confessed that it still has no name. Besides, it will bear the stamp of having come to light at the IPVCE in Ciego de Ávila, the students wanted to recognize on his 56th birthday the troubadour, who would later admit that “I couldn't be better than doing what I enjoy most in this life”.

    Recognized for his song to transcendental moments and figures in the history of the nation, the solemn moment came with the notes of The return of the friend, a composition that he dedicated to Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Fría, after his physical departure, to later relive those days sad in that his song Riding with Fidel gave voice to an entire people who gave the last goodbye to their eternal Commander in Chief.

    When he thought he was closing the concert, on the other side the boys did not forgive him that Unblock me was missing from that afternoon's repertoire. Therefore, almost improvised, the mixture of timba with guaguancó came out, which made more than one person dance and sing to the rhythm of “el blockade no”.

    Not very different would be the story on the night that took him to the stage of the theater of the headquarters of the University of Ciego de Ávila Máximo Gómez Báez, where the enthusiasm of the university students welcomed him. From the social networks on the Internet, the participants let see the impressions of a meeting full of complicities and songs.

    Although it is not his first time in this land, the singer-songwriter thanked the injection of youth and the welcome of an audience from whom he retains the best memories for his participation in several editions of the Piña Colada Fusion Music Festival.

    According to what Orlando Pino Amores, director of Musicavila, told Invasor, this Tuesday Raúl Torres also plans to appear at the Dr. José Assef Yara Faculty of Medical Sciences and at the Morón branch, while he will finish his tour of the province on Wednesday night with a great concert that will have as a guest the Rumbávila Fusión group and whose stage will be the fairgrounds of the City Park. In case of rain, this presentation will be moved to the Giraldo Córdoba Cardín roofed room.