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    Call to strengthen prevention and social care

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    Convocan a fortalecer la prevención y atención social

    The Provincial Council of Government in Ciego de Ávila exhorted to strengthen the performance of the prevention and social care commissions and extend their structures to the popular councils and constituencies at the end of June.

    Chaired by Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, governor of the territory, and with the presence of Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Party, during the meeting the operation of these working groups urged for greater dynamism in their performance was reoriented.

    Responsibility in confronting social problems such as teenage pregnancy was pointed out, which is a concern as there are 74 cases of school age, 185 under 18 years of age and 105 with social risks, according to statistics from the Provincial Directorate of health.

    In these circumstances, the party leader insisted on the role of the different institutions that make up the prevention and social care system, as well as on the work they must carry out independently, since "the commissions do not replace the individual responsibilities of the organizations," he recalled.

    It is necessary to consolidate preventive work from schools, Public Health institutions and mass organizations, which must consider positive experiences such as public hearings and debates in neighborhoods to convey messages that help change behaviors.

    Martín Venegas stressed that it is necessary to tighten control over people disconnected from educational and productive activities, and demanded progress in the identification of individuals and families in conditions of vulnerability to offer timely assistance, not only economic, but spiritual.

    He emphasized that these problems are resolved in the municipalities, popular councils and constituencies, where there are structures for detailed monitoring of each of the cases.

    According to reports, in this way, the essence of the Revolution is also defended and the commitment of Army General Raúl Castro Ruz at the 7th Party Congress is honored, when he stated that in Cuba no one would be abandoned.

    Alexis Portuondo Brizuela, provincial director of Labor and Social Security, reported that 6,009 nuclei are protected, with 12,124 beneficiaries, through temporary monetary benefits and other services; in addition to 2,447 older adults who live alone and 1,365 disabled.

    He explained that assistance is also offered to 141 mothers with disabled children, there are eight nursing homes and 15 grandparents' homes where care is guaranteed to more than 500 elderly individuals, and 55 dining rooms of the Family Care System are enabled for 1,079 diners.

    He stressed that for the current year they have a budget of more than 176 million pesos for the care of people or families with economic disadvantages, which also allows the provision of resources to improve the quality of life, including beds, mattresses, cooking modules and decoder boxes.

    Portuondo Brizuela explained that for 2022, actions were planned in 69 communities and transformations are expected in 45, with the intervention of 25 prevention and social care groups that include 41 social workers.

    Advances in studies on family nuclei made it possible to diagnose 3,442 in vulnerable conditions and offer help to 665 with social assistance benefits, in addition to the identification of 631 single mothers in charge of minors, 167 of these with three or more children.

    Likewise, attention is paid to minors who present risk behaviors, he added.