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    Cunagua Beach is ready for the summer

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    Lista Playa de Cunagua para el verano

    Brisas del Mar or Cunagua beach, as it is popularly known, is ready to receive, as of this July 2, the more than 8,000 vacationers, distributed in 818 homes, who usually converge in that place during the months of July and August.

    Yanelis Jiménez González, mayor of the municipality of Bolivia, highlighted that the emblematic place will host the inauguration of summer 2022 in that town, for which sports, cultural and recreational activities are planned, which will continue during the months of July and August to ensure the healthy recreation.

    The municipal directorates of Sports, Physical Culture and Recreation (INDER) and Culture conceived proposals for the enjoyment of people of different age groups; Meanwhile, Gastronomy will guarantee the sale of food and beverages, he explained. La Pesca and La Cueva, among the most prominent spaces in Cunagua beach, will maintain varied options during the day and night hours, especially during the latter, when more vacationers, mostly young people, attend to enjoy shows, she added.

    State and non-state entities will ensure the existence of gastronomic offers throughout the day in the vicinity of the spa, she said.

    Lista Playa de Cunagua para el verano

    New economic actors, mostly dedicated to gastronomy, showed interest in establishing themselves there during the summer, in a way that facilitated the reactivation of economic and social life in that resort, where people from the 10 municipalities of Ciego de Ávila and nearby provinces converge, she stressed.

    Jiménez González recognized the popular participation and the integration of political, social and mass organizations in beautification and sanitation work in Brisas del Mar, revived after two years of pandemic that made it impossible to travel to recreate in that place.

    She specified that The Pool and El Ranchón gastronomic centers, whose pools were conditioned, would provide services in the main town; and musical and dance shows are held in the square on weekends.

    In urban areas, proposals from the Computer and Electronics Youth Club are added, in addition to INDER and Culture, the latter institutions with activities in open spaces, such as parks, he explained.

    On a weekly basis, cultural tours will be carried out through vulnerable communities, so that artists from the municipal capital will be integrated into the options provided in different neighborhoods for the enjoyment of the population.

    Social institutions from other municipalities in the province, such as Morón, Chambas, Florencia, Ciro Redondo and Majagua, have reported on social networks about the enlistment of their recreational spaces, including Popular Camping facilities.

    During the Provincial Council of Government corresponding to the month of June, the governor of the territory, Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas, emphasized the importance of organizing recreational spaces and optimizing economic resources for the enjoyment of the people during the 2022 summer.