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    Debts of the City Park in Ciego de Ávila

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    Deudas del Parque de la Ciudad en Ciego de Ávila

    Although this July 2 the summer started in style in the City Park of Ciego de Ávila, with options for different ages, the truth is that there still some facilities continue to fall below the expectations of the Avila residents, who hope that it will once again become that place of obligatory visit that it once was, when it comes to recreation.

    Winning in the culture of detail, changing the mentality in gastronomy that is still anchored in old ways of doing things and looking for options for the different purchasing levels of the population, are some of the debts that the establishments located in the area maintain, whose maximum should be customer satisfaction, which they do not always achieve.

    This is how Liván Izquierdo Alonso, first secretary of the Party in the province, summed it up on a tour he took this Saturday afternoon, together with Governor Tomás Alexis Martín Venegas and leaders of the main sectors linked to the activities taking place in the area, where, along with continuing to work to revitalize those places that are still being wasted, it will be just as important to maintain the quality of what has been achieved so far.

    The Magic World children's park, belonging to Palmares, has had a marvelous revival that in recent months has started most of the attractions it has. According to what transpired at the meeting, only the ship remains stopped, due to lack of spare parts, but a solution is being worked on that allows it to be operated semi-manually.

    In an exchange with workers from the Base Business Unit (UEB) La Roca, located at the entrance to the Park and which includes the restaurant of the same name, Carpa Azul and El guajiro, Izquierdo Alonso questioned why there were no customers in the latter , even when the offer on the menu was varied and the place has conditions to enjoy with the family.

    Reinaldo Frómeta Romero, director of the Business Group of Commerce in Ciego de Ávila, stated that in recent months they have had to deal with instability in the administration, which has not allowed them to consolidate a work system that gets them ahead.

    However, the first secretary of the Party insisted, we must find new ways to attract consumers. "We are still very bad with communication, we must take advantage of social networks for the dissemination of offers," he proposed.

    Another was the panorama in the La Cueva Complex, which since last year has been implementing a new management model that gives it greater freedoms, and where its barbecue kept all the tables full. Its director, Osmani Ángel Bello, offered details to the entourage about the prices of the beer that is currently sold there, which is made more expensive by the acquisition mechanism that forces them to pay the Accommodation Company, which acts as an intermediary between them and the brewery.

    He also explained that the difference in prices seen on the menu, when compared to other restaurants in the area, is due to the standard of the dishes, which is much higher. Given this, Izquierdo Alonso suggested that the possibility of also being able to sell a smaller portion be evaluated, so that there are offers for all purchasing levels and the diner is the one who chooses the one he wants to pay.

    In the recreational complex The airplane, the children enjoyed the pool, which could have been better prepared to face the summer stage, even though on the opening day there was no lack of gastronomic offers aimed at the little ones.

    Anyone would think that now that the high temperatures are extreme, having a natural juice in the City Park to refresh is as easy as arriving and paying. However, the offer was scarce in several tablets and letters, which seemed inconceivable to Izquierdo Alonso in a province where mini-industries dedicated to fruit processing are many.

    A strong criticism was received by the Communal Services Company, which must achieve better attention to green areas because in certain areas these tarnish the work that seeks to rescue the facilities of the place and end up making the environment less attractive.