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    Viajando mobile application announces changes in its reservation policy

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    Aplicación móvil Viajando anuncia cambios en su política de reservación

    The Viajero Company, belonging to the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Cuba, informed the population of changes in its reservation policy in the Viajando mobile application.

    The decision responds to the opinions of users regarding the discontent generated by the limited availability of travel capacities, the company clarified on the Facebook social network.

    The measure, in force since July 2, states that only the reservation of 80 capacities within a 30-day range will be accepted. In other words, if a person has 80 or more reserved capacities in the aforementioned period of time, they must wait until the next day to buy again, but they will no longer be able to buy the same number of tickets, but the one that will be enabled depending on the one they already have in your My Reservations section in the Apk.

    As of August 1, the limit will be changed to 30 reservations in the same time range.

    This measure is intended to increase users' purchasing possibilities and prevent the unauthorized sale of capacities, Viajero concluded.