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    Campaign week: Development starts here in Florencia

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    campaña el desarrollo empieza aquí florencia ciego de avila

    The second moment of the communication campaign Development begins here, promoted in Florencia by the Center for Local and Community Development (Cedel) and the international project Strengthening Capacities for Local Development (Prodel), took place last week in the municipality of the beautiful landscapes.

    The campaign week, which is what the action is called, began on June 25 with a peasant group in the Aníbal Madrigal Agricultural Production Cooperative, according to what Dr. C. told Invasor. Niria Castillo Arzola, communicator of the municipal government of Florencia.

    “At 2:00 in the afternoon and between guarachas, décimas and improvisations, a good time was had. We also carry out participation sections, awarded with posters, sweaters and stickers, allegorical to the campaign”, he commented via the internet.

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    Taking advantage of the growing penetration of new communication technologies, on Sunday the 26th a tweet was prepared that on Monday involved several Florencia`s men and women, competitively, based on the quality of the tweets.

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    The actions of Development begins here moved to the town of Tamarindo, with the participation of children and adolescents, as well as older adults. “The workshop for creators and culture workers given by Nelson Aragón was a luxury”, Castillo Arzola points out.

    “We also reached Las Grullas and, together with the community work group, we developed a different evening for that rural settlement. Something similar happened in Guadalupe, with the particularity that it was agreed to repeat the workshop to think about entrepreneurship”.

    actividad en comunidad guadalupe florencia

    The three stages of the campaign foresee four moments, with their respective actions, of which two have already been completed: the presentation itself and this week from June 25 to July 2, with an informative approach, forums in neighborhoods and communities and outreach to schools. The next action will be a national workshop with the participation of communicators and journalists, and finally the local development fair and a national meeting of local authorities.

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