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    It aspires to become a state-owned MSME, an artisanal clothing workshop

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    Workshop 801 Local Industries Bolivia generates up to 35,000 pesos a month, with the aspiration of becoming one of the first state MSMEs in the province of Ciego de Ávila to develop the manufacture of handcrafted products from yarey.

    Maritza Rodríguez de Ávila, head of the entity, highlighted that more than 15 productions are sold at points of sale in the territories of Bolivia and Primero de Enero; meanwhile, sales to Universal Stores, Commerce and other companies ensure that the products reach other establishments in the geography of Ciego de Ávila.

    Among the confections, he highlighted fan stalks, bags in different formats (including some small ones for snacks), visors for women, brooms, key rings, jewelry boxes, varieties of hats, baskets and backrests for furniture.

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    He pointed out that hats and brooms are the most demanded products; therefore, monthly they make up to 400 of the first and 1,700 of the others.

    The fundamental raw material (yarey buds) is obtained in the local fields, where a worker in charge of harvesting takes advantage of the leaves that have fallen to the ground, he explained.

    The conversion into a state MSME would provide the Bolivian territory with autonomy to dispose of productions and income, taking into account that they are currently subordinated to the UEB Local Productions of the adjoining municipality of Primero de Enero, local authorities clarified.

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    Said strategy corresponds to the constitutional mandates referring to municipal autonomy and considers the rescue and use of a local tradition (making handicrafts with yarey buds) to generate income that favors local development.

    Currently, this entity provides employment for 14 people, who receive a salary of more than 2,800 pesos per month, explained Rodríguez de Ávila.

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    During the recent visit of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Party to the province of Ciego de Ávila, Joel Queipo Ruiz, head of the Economic-Productive Department of that political organization, appreciated the potential of this local industry and the motivation of its workers, in addition to praise the initiative to convert it into a state MSME.

    In the municipality of Bolivia, there is another local clothing workshop, located in the El Yarual community and with about 14 workers, who are fundamentally dedicated to making yarey bags.

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