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    Majagua delivers more native crude oil to the country

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    Entrega Majagua al país más petróleo crudo nativo

    Extracting, processing and supplying native crude oil, destined for the Sergio Soto Oil Refinery Company, in the Cabaiguán municipality of Sancti Spiritus, is the fundamental objective of the Majagua Production Base Business Unit (UEB), whose production plan is exceeded in the first half of 2022, while the price of the resource skyrockets in the international framework.

    Humberto Fleita Portal, director of the UEB, explained to Invasor that the five oil and accompanying gas fields, located in the areas of Sancti Spíritus (Jarahueca, south of Yaguajay, and Jatibonico) and Ciego de Ávila (Cristales, in Majagua; Pina and Brujo, both in Ciro Redondo).Belonging to the Centro Petroleum Drilling and Extraction Company, based in Varadero, the Majagua`s unit maintained, during the month of June, an active fund of 101 wells, of which 61 apply the pumping method and 40 the swab method.

    Aleido Acosta Hernández, production analyst, reported 7,692 tons of crude have accumulated until June 30, 650 more than planned, for 109.23 percent, which demonstrates its sustained results in a sector that is so necessary for the country.

    Likewise, the quality parameters agreed with the Sergio Soto Oil Refinery Company are guaranteed, since from a plan of 1.5 percent of water and sediment, the real accumulated behaves in 0.58 percent.

    In Ciego de Ávila`s lands lies the largest number of wells in operation, with 96, in addition to being the only one of the two provinces to use the method of extracting crude by means of swab. In Pina alone, to get a better idea, there are 40 wells with pumping and 19 with swab.Fleita Portal referred to the participation of an Australian company, Petroaustralis, in the UEB, which has placed financing and technology in several wells in the Pina field.

    Its operators, national vanguards of the Energy and Mine Workers Union on several occasions, carry out specialized industrial maintenance using the best practices and stand out for an excellent innovative spirit, in a context of permanent exchange.

    Aware, at the same time, of the economic and financial difficulties of recent years, in Cuba and the rest of the world, many are thanked for their participation in actions against COVID-19.

    As part of a work movement, a group of tasks have been assigned there monthly, which come to solve difficulties with anticorrosive treatment, painting (at the Cristales Collector Center) and components of the old technology.

    Let us remember that the policy of rational exploitation of the deposits makes it possible to acquire a national crude suitable for obtaining the dielectric oil of the transformers, given its low percentage of sulfur.

    It is interesting that Cristales operates the only well in the country with an extraction method based on Recoil equipment, automated, with the consequent savings in energy, maintenance costs and replacement of parts and pieces. Its operating principle is simple, as well as the start-up and installation.

    The UEB has also assumed the termination of a subsidy for Yuneisy García Padrón, mother of seven children, although only three currently live with her. Production Majagua has been there for about two months, to be able to deliver it as soon as possible.

    The 36-year-old girl lived in the Crucero de La Aurora, "from house to house", but found support in the Cuban State, which assigned her, at the same time, a checkbook of 4780.00 pesos to cover part of the family expenses.

    Besides, among other actions, they are in charge of the Río Grande community, focused, essentially, on the repair of the Family Doctor and Nurse's Office, the construction of recreation spaces, the maintenance of the playground, the repair of the roads and the water supply to the Pastoreo village.