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    July 26 in Ciego de Ávila: Let's decorate Majagua!

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    26 de Julio en Ciego de Ávila: ¡A engalanar Majagua!

    During these weeks, until the provincial act for the Day of National Rebellion arrives, Majagua will tie one day with another, without losing a minute, as the president of the Municipal Assembly of People's Power, Ernesto Linares Ojeda, repeats so many times. In addition, it is that being the venue for July 26, in Ciego de Ávila, “motorizes” its people in many actions.

    That could be verified this Wednesday by Liván Izquierdo Alonso, a member of the Central Committee of the Party and its first secretary in the province, who walked some streets of the always colorful municipality of the Red and Blue sides, contacted residents as he passed and entered different institutions.

    On the tour, which sought to anticipate what would happen in just a few days, he appreciated the work of the public library of the main town and exchanged with self-employed workers from the central zone.

    Deputy Governor Ania Rosa Francisco Malde; the first secretary of the Party in Majagua, Misleydi Abad Modey; Mayor Mariela González and Ernesto Linares Ojeda, accompanied with other local and provincial leaders, explored La Marquesita Base Business Unit (UEB) and the neighboring Bar Restaurant, called Nueva Image.

    In a conversation with Idalmis Ulloa Mendoza, director of the UEB, he reflected on how to think of new offers, even made by themselves, to be demanding with the details of the gastronomic facilities, because in an incomplete service even the stains on the walls or the windows.

    Like someone who knows that he will come back and, then, he will be deeper in his evaluations, he continued towards the bakery, the point of sale La Palma, of the UEB Processing Center, which offered white cheese (146.00 pesos per pound), croquette dough of yucca (32.00 pesos per kilogram) and mango jam.

    Perhaps the Paseo pizzeria is one of the works that the people of Majagua most expect, to be able to enjoy different gastronomic offers there, which will be expanded, based on the powers that have been conferred on it, according to what Jorge González Martínez, buyer of the UEB La Pista.

    Izquierdo Alonso appreciated the redesign of his counter, which allowed him to gain space and aesthetics, he learned about the acquisition of other tables and chairs, the painting work that is about to start and the future air conditioning, and conditions that will allow the creation of a quite pleasant center.

    At the Majagua polyclinic, Melba la O Cardoso, municipal director of Public Health, expressed the urgency of carrying out constructive actions in the institution, fundamentally on its roof, where leaks occur in the microbiology laboratories and the resting room for the doctors of guard.

    Immediately, the task was assigned to the all-terrain vehicles of the Provincial Insurance and Education Services Company, known by its acronym as EPASE, with Osmany Costa Reyes at the helm. A first step was to determine what the damages are and to project the start of the work, as soon as possible.

    For today, it was a lot of houses in capital repair, an agricultural market, the UEB La Playita, the Computer and Electronics Youth Club, and the El Placer market, which offered cucumber, mixed and onion pickles, pasta for sandwiches and onion jam, mango jam, papaya and pineapple, guava bar, chili puree, spicy sauces, for pizza and seasoned, tomato puree, vitanuova and mango juice in a glass.

    It was reported, before concluding, about the realization of a great voluntary work next Sunday, July 10 in Majagua, to eliminate grassy sections, paint, sweep, throw garbage..., and it remained, in addition to what was conceived as works of July 2 Julio, in the rehabilitation of roads, regarding the celebrations.

    Liván Izquierdo Alonso made a call to decorate the municipality more, because, in the entire province, one cannot speak of anything other than #Majaguain26 and #UnitedMajagua.