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    Piña Colada, rhythm and flavor in Ciego de Ávila

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    Piña Colada, ritmo y sabor en Ciego de Ávila

    We have come to the Piña Colada Fusion Music Festival with pent-up desire and skin-deep expectations, after two years without major concerts and without music being a happy excuse for the genres and rhythms that make up our cultural range.

    But this Wednesday the joy returned and the people of Avila will have the opportunity to enjoy in the front row an already essential event that, despite the shortcomings, promises a varied schedule and top-level artists, both in intricate neighborhoods and in the main squares from the city.

    The start could not be anything other than drive and genius, and in a great parade, they managed to bring together the most valuable exponents of our idiosyncrasy, making a difference with previous editions and demonstrating that it is possible to reinvent proposals and break schemes.

    Thus, to the rhythm of a powerful conga that was adding people to each corner, the dance groups La Gran Familia, Los Magos, La XX Anniversary and Zamá paraded, as well as Polichinela, the Sirius project, Rumbávila, the boys from the concert band, and Teatro Primero, to Martí Park, where everything was ready for the show to continue.

    The orchestra of the Ñola Sahíg Saínz elementary art school was the backdrop for the presentations that happened in a flash before the cheers and applause of those who crowded the site since the first chords sounded.

    When it seemed that the night was closing the curtain, Arnaldo and his Talisman raised the stop. Anthological themes in their repertoire such as La lucecita, Tras la tormenta and El almendrón made the public travel back in time to the first days of this group, which has kept alive the umbilical cord that unites them to the land where they were born.

    Nothing was left over or lacking and the Piña Colada, so far, exceeds the forecasts, however, we will have to try this musical cocktail in the coming days to see if what we have seen so far will be the norm or the enthusiasm of a beginner.

    For this reason, the invitation to enjoy this weekend the presentations in the Máximo Gómez square is maintained, where on Saturday there will be a tribute to Adalberto Álvarez, in which El Niño and La Verdad, Iván and Los Titanes de la Salsa will participate. , and the orchestra Adalberto Álvarez y su Son. On Sunday, Will Campa and La Gran Unión, La Charanga Latina, and Dayanis Gutiérrez and La Pegada will take the stage to close the Piña Colada in style.

    I hope that the impetus with which we arrive at this contest is momentum and commitment to a summer that has just begun and that we must enter "with everything". The Piña Colada Fusion Music Festival opens the way; we just have to set the same rhythm.