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    Electrical effects this Saturday

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    Afectaciones eléctricas de este sábado

    Yesterday, the electrical service began to be affected at 08:34 a.m. due to a lack of generation capacity in the system. The maximum effect at night was 609 MW, coinciding with the peak hour at 7:10 p.m. The service was restored at 00:27 hours this morning.

    At 2:40 p.m., a fire occurred in the boiler of unit 2 of the CTE Lidio Ramón Pérez, no loss of human life occurred. The damage and the causes that triggered the fire are evaluated. For safety reasons, unit 1 of this plant itself was taken out of service, which synchronized again at 02:47 and is operating in a stable manner with 250 MW.

    The availability of the SEN at 06:00 hours is 2,395 MW and the demand is 2,100 MW, with the entire system in service.

    Units 6, 7 and 8 of the CTE Máximo Gómez and the unit of the CTE Otto Parellada are out of service because of breakdowns.

    Unit 2 of the CTE Lidio Ramón Pérez is under maintenance.

    The limitations in thermal generation (609 MW) are maintained.

    For peak hours, the use of 325 MW in diesel engines is estimated.

    With this forecast, an availability of 2,770 MW and a maximum demand of 2,650 MW are expected for the peak hour, for a reserve of 120 MW, so no affectations to the service are forecast for this hour.

    All consumption restriction measures are implemented in the state sector.